Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whitt's 1st Trip to Texas

I've been waiting for Whitt to get his 2 month vaccines before we headed to Texas.  We have so many people to see when we go there that I wanted to make sure he was strong enough to hopefully stay well.  I also needed to go when Jon could take off work and go with us, since Whitt is not a huge fan of the car.  I needed to be able to sit in the back with him and keep that paci in his mouth.  There was no way I was about to listen to him scream for 4.5 hours driving by myself!

He did a whole lot better than I feared he would.  He went right to sleep when we left swim lessons (probably because he'd been screaming for two hours) and he slept until about an hour away from our destination.  I nursed him there, and he only fussed for about 20 minutes before we made it to Jon's parents' house.

Annabel faked me out.  I took this picture because I was so excited about having 2 out of 3 kids sleeping, but she opened her eyes right afterwards and never shut up the rest of the way home.

 Tiny made these precious princess dress-up accessories.  You know we all had to play.

We went swimming at my grandmother's house twice.  Whitt went with us one of the times so he could meet his MiMi and Pops.

We had so many yummy treats while we were there.  Homemade ice cream and lots of homegrown veggies.

Uncle Emil, Aunt Kiersten, and Cousin Margot came into town to meet their new nephew/cousin as well.  My girls always have so much fun with Emil.  They're styling his beard here.

My grandpa gave me this 1970 Chevelle several years ago, but he keeps it because he likes to work on it, plus I don't have anywhere to put it here.  He recently got a new paint job on it.  I love it!  Maybe Whitt will drive it one day.

We spent each night at Jon's parents' because it's just easier to stay at one place rather than pack up ALL our stuff to move it back and forth, but we still got to see my parents a lot.  They came over to Jon's parents' several times and we spent most of Sunday at their house.

My dad was so excited to put Whitt in the baby swing.  I tried to explain to him that baby swings are still for babies who can sit up, but he just had to let him try it out.  He liked it for a while.

Cousin Shiloh went swimming with us on Sunday.

Sunday night we had dinner at my other grandmother's house.  Whitt was pretty cranky while we were there and finally took a little nap on his Nana.

 On Monday we hung around until the afternoon to get on the road.  Jon took the girls riding on his dad's 4-wheeler and swang on the porch swing some.  Annabel just about fell asleep.

Whitt cried more on the way home than he did on the way there, but still not that bad.  Overall, it was a great trip, but like always, I wish I'd taken more pictures!

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  1. those princess wigs are amazing! did she just find a patter for those or come up with it herself? that car is also amazing! my dad restores old cars, so that has been a big part of my life. i bet one of your girls may want to drive it. i wanted to drive one of my dad's but my cousin wrecked it before i had the chance. it looks like you guys have had a great summer adjusting to 3 kiddos. i saw in your last post that your middle lady was having some issues with attention. jovie does too, but we have noticed that since she gets up earlier than the other two she likes to come lay with us and talk in the mornings. we also try to watch the things she really enjoys, like coloring, and focus on her while she is doing those activities. i am definitely seeing her change into the middle child, making peace, being emotional, helping the little one, etc.