Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4th of July Weekend

Even though Jon had to work a lot on the holiday weekend, we still managed to have some fun.

The Milbrodts were the last of our small group to bring us a meal after having Whitt.  We asked them to just come and play on our water slide and eat with us when they brought us dinner.  During dinner our neighbors came over and told us they were having a lemonade stand.  Of course we had to go.  I just love this picture.  It captures summer perfectly, I think.

Friday, on the actual 4th, we went to the lake with some friends whose parents have a lake house not far from our house.  We made these patriotic rice krispies to take.

My sweet friend, Ashley, is very pregnant and didn't much feel like being out in the sun, so she volunteered to stay in the lake house with Whitt while he napped.  So sweet of her!  We enjoyed getting to play with our big girls.

When Whitt woke up from his nap, I went up the lake house to feed him and the girls stayed out on the boat with Jon and some of our friends.  My other sweet friend, Mollie sent me this picture of Annabel passed out in her lap.  I think the lake wore her out!

Whitt napped again outside on the deck during dinner.  He was very cooperative that day.

After we ate dinner, we headed back home to get baby brother in bed.  We bathed the girls and put on their pjs while we waited for it to get dark.  Then we headed outside to do a few fireworks we'd bought.  Their favorites were the sparklers.

Whitt has started sticking his tongue out at us after he sees us do it.  It's hilarious!  He was being silly the next morning.

Then on Sunday, we went to church and my girls helped me pass out invitations to our church's first pre-school Mother/Daughter tea party.  We are so excited for it!

Having a newborn requires extra planning and extra packing to go anywhere or do anything, but we still managed to have a great 4th of July weekend!  It helped a lot that Whitt was so easy-going, which he isn't always in the mood for...hah!

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