Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break - Part 2

For the second part of Spring Break, we took a little Tour de Texas.  The kids and I went to my parents' house on Wednesday.

It was such a pretty day, so we spent al the rest of the daylight outside.

The next morning, the girls and I got up and left for Dallas right after breakfast.

Our first stop was the American Girl doll store and restaurant.  I have been wanting to take my little girl there since I found out Adeline was a girl when I was pregnant with her.

We met one of my college roommates, Lindsey, and her two girls, Caroline & Samantha there for lunch.  It was so fun catching up and watching our girls play.  (You can see Samantha's cute little feet sticking out of the blanket in the carseat if you look very closely.)

And you can't go to the Galleria without doing a little bit of shopping.

My mom sent me pictures of my boy while I was away.  It was the first time I'd left him overnight.

That evening, we met Amanda, Emma, Kiersten, and Margot for dinner and Frozen on Ice!

We had such a fantastic time experiencing that through the eyes of our little girls.
After the show, which wasn't over until after 9:00pm, we went to spend the night at Amanda's.  However, all normal routes to her house were closed due to construction (thanks a lot, Dallas) so we had to take some roundabout detour that took FOREVER!  Our GPSes had no idea what they were doing and kept trying to get us to take u-turns.  After some initial panic, we figured out how to get there, but it was exhausting and STRESSFUL!  I think all of us, kids included, shed a few tears on that adventure.  

The next morning, I met my dad and my cousin Kasey, in Arlington, switched vehicles with them, and they took my girls back to my hometown to stay with my parents and I went to pick up Jon from the airport.  Then, he and I were off to a weekend wedding adventure in Fredericksburg, TX.

And more pictures from my parents of my  kids not missing me at all...

 We had such a good time celebrating Claudia & Jarrod getting hitched.

These three guys have been best friends, literally, since birth. 

When I sent the picture of Jon and I to my parents to show the girls, they said, "We want to see a picture of the bride!" so then I had to send them this one.  Hah!

We even got to put our dance lessons to good use.

The 7 hour drive back to my parents' house was absolutely gorgeous.  I made Jon pull over and let me take a picture of the bluebonnets at one point.

We spent Sunday night at my parents' then headed back home on Monday.  Whitt posed with his kids' meal toy from Sonic since he can now finish off a whole one by himself.

It was a wonderful Spring Break!

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