Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Christening Gown Photo Shoot

When I was pregnant, my SIL, Juliet, decided she wanted to make a Christening gown that we could pass around to all our kids. Even though we're Baptist and don't have Christenings, I thought it was a great idea. Who doesn't love a baby in a pretty little gown? And nothing could be more special than having your aunt make you one! I think she did a fantastic job.

From what I hear, these sleeves weren't easy to make. :)

Pretty lace hem.

Pretty, pretty girl.

Jon loves this look.
Oh, and the pretty little blanket she's on was made by her other very talented Aunt Kiersten.

On a completely unrelated note, Jon got a new truck this week! I'm so happy for him. It's been over a year since his 4Runner was crushed by a tree in the ice storm and since then he's been driving my old Jeep Liberty. It was a little small for him, so he upgraded a bit! :)

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