Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

Last week I had a HORRIBLE sore throat. It hurt to even talk! Sooo....I cancelled the kids I normally see for therapy on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Adeline and I headed home to my momma. :) We got there (northeast Texas) Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday evening, I was feeling much better. Adeline and I had a great time visiting with grandparents

(Adeline and Big T)
and aunts and uncles, but we had the BEST time with my two BFFs Amanda and Amber.

I miss my friends so much! They are both teachers and so had all of last week off (Spring Break in Texas). They were in town visiting family the same time Adeline and I were. The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Thursday and Friday.

We went for a stroll and went shopping. While we were at home, Adeline decided that Tulip (our Maltese) is the most hilarious thing ever. I never heard her laugh so hard! All Tulip would do was look at her and she'd just die laughing. I got a little of it on video, but not the best.
Jon joined us at home Friday night when he got off work. On Saturday, one of my good HS friends had a bridal shower. I got to take Adeline and show her off to all my friends and old HS teachers.

Sunday, we headed home in the horrendous weather, but I was so ready to be home. We made it, but it took us over five hours! Today, Jon took off work so we could have a little family time. We went out for lunch then took the big dogs to a nearby creek and let them swim and run. It was such a nice day.

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