Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nana's Week (+ a little more)

My mom was here this past week, so I've got some fun pictures to post on that, but first I wanted to post a few from earlier that I haven't blogged yet.

A few weeks ago I took Adeline to have some pictures taken.  The next day she pretended to be a photographer and posed her stuffed animals and took their pictures.  I love this stage!

Tiny brought us a watermelon when she came.  We spent several evenings last weekend outside in the front yard enjoying every bite...and making a big mess!  :)

Monday we had a play-date with our friends Cilla & Rebekah.  These two girls just crack me up.  Adeline was not on her best behavior and had a really hard time sharing, but Rebekah assured me it gets better and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was.  

Cilla just seems so grown up to me.  The cutest thing she said this time was, "Mommy, look, they do have golden retrievers.  I told you!"  Is she just really advanced or is Adeline going to be saying stuff like that in 8 months?  We'll see!

When my mom got here, she helped me get organized.  This is our bathroom cabinet with our medicines, vitamins, & toiletries all nice & neat.  Yes, I know, nesting hormones are making me CRAZY!

Nana & Adeline had a great week.  They bounced, then shopped & dined at Ozark Natural.

And Adeline learned something new while she was here.  She has started lining up all her stuffed animals & babies and saying, "Sit up, sit up."  So precious!

They strung beads.

And ate & played...

And we all went to "Meet the Teacher" for Kids' Day Out at church on Thursday.
I can't believe my girl is getting so big.  I'll be sure & let you know how KDO goes on Monday.

Look what my mom did for me!
She bought then cut up & bagged all these veggies for me to steam for Adeline.  What a fantastic mom I have!  I don't think she realizes how grateful I am for this.

Like I said last week, all this grandma time is not only spoiling Adeline, it's spoiling me! 

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  1. You are so very welcome! I love being able to help you out, not to mention getting to spend so much time with sweet Adeline.
    Love you much!!