Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Bees & Social Butterflies

We have had a FULL weekend and I've enjoyed every minute.  Thursday the weathermen began calling for an exceptionally cool Friday morning.  I asked a friend/co-worker if she'd like to meet Adeline and I at the park Friday morning.  She graciously agreed and walked a lap around Wilson Park with us after she had already run 12 miles!  Then, Adeline and I played a little at the playground.
It was not 59 degrees like the weathermen had said, but it was nice for a little while.  

After the park, Adeline & I went on a search for a nap mat for her to use at Kids' Day Out on Mondays.  We finally found one and she seems to really like it.  I'll know for sure when I pick her up here in a few minutes.  :)

That night we dined at Chick-Fil-A and did some grocery shopping.  I was exhausted when we got home so I laid down on the couch for a few minutes.  I think Adeline was concerned about me because she kept bringing me pillows and toys, then she climbed on top of me to give me kisses.  So sweet!

Saturday morning my work had a baby shower for me.  Annabel got lots of presents and Adeline had lots of fun.

I got home just in time to eat lunch, put Adeline down for a nap, and get ready to go to a friend's baby shower.  Brandi is due about one month after me.  She and I worked together at HealthSouth.  Now she and her husband live in Little Rock.  We miss them!

This is what I made for their little guy.

As soon as I got home from that party, we packed up and headed to a swimming fellowship with our small group.  We swam for a while, then ate and socialized.  My poor daughter is as shy as can be.  She sat between Jon and I at the dinner table for over an hour while we visited with the other parents, while all the other children played in the next room.  Then, when we tried to get them all on the couch for a picture, she of course cried her little eyes out.  
I just don't know what to do about it!

Sunday night I met up with my small group girls and we ate dinner then attended our church's Girls' Night Out with Anita Renfroe & Mandisa.  It was so great!  Anita was hilarious and Mandisa has an amazing voice.  I enjoyed it so much!

Today Adeline started Kids' Day Out.  She was a little reluctant to go to the teacher, but she didn't cry.  I'm anxious to pick her up and see how she did.

Look at all the stuff it takes for a two-year-old to be gone away from home for 5 hours!

I'm hoping this really helps her shyness, but it's only one day a week, so who knows.

Tonight I have another girls' night with my bunco group.  We are going to see The Help.  I read the book about a year ago and I'm so excited to see the movie!

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