Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nana Time

We are without paid childcare until Annabel arrives and I go on maternity leave.  That is not a problem, though, because both grandmas are retired!  They are taking turns (along with a sweet neighbor) to come keep our girl for the next 5 weeks.

My mom had the first week of duty.  If you know me personally, you know it's hard for me to sit still (unless I'm pregnant).  Well, multiply that times about 10 and you get my mom.  She and Adeline ran all over town and when Adeline was napping, she cleaned our house & cooked for us.  It was great!

On Tuesday they went to the splash park in Rogers.
 Then they played with play-doh..

The next day they went to Boingo Bounce..

And bounced until they dropped....

Then finger-painted...

Thursday they took Tulip for a walk...
And went to PetSmart....
(And I said, "No no, Nana!")

Friday I got to spend the day with both of them and it was so nice.  We ran several errands & just enjoyed each other's company.  Friday night my dad came to town and we ate at Grub's then tried out Cherry Berry (yummy!).  

Saturday we clogged our arteries with delicious Rolling Pin breakfast and headed out to Terra Studios.  It was HOT, but such a neat place.  I'd love to go back when the weather is nicer and spend more time.

She loved this little door!

Saturday night we celebrated my mom's 49th birthday with fajitas & strawberry/banana pie at our house. Yum-o!

Today we went to church and out for lunch before my parents had to head home.  

We are going to miss my mom so much this week, but she'll be back in just two short weeks!

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  1. I had a wonderful week and can't wait to get back!
    Love you all!