Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adeline's Personality

It seems like it's been a while since I've posted on things Adeline is doing now.  She is now almost 21 months old!  I catch myself telling people "She'll be 2 in November" when they ask how old she is.  TWO?!?  That can't be right!  She is developing quite the little personality and vocabulary.  Most of it is really cute, some of it is not.  I thought I'd share it all....

I think she's inherited the "Whittington Temper."  I'm hoping it's just a two-year-old thing, though, and not something that will plague her forever like it does me.  :)  She gets so mad if a toy or something doesn't cooperate with her.  The other day she tried to tear up a book because she couldn't get it out of a box.  Then she cried & screamed & kicked and had just the worst tantrum I've seen when I wouldn't give it to her.  It was so alarming that it almost made me cry.

I didn't get a picture of the fit, but here's another toy that really makes her mad sometimes.  If these "necklaces" get caught on her bow and she can't get them on or off her head, a tantrum ensues.  I had to put them away for a little while because I just couldn't take it anymore.

She's also very vain, but I know that's age-appropriate.  She likes to "hide" in this cabinet.   I was trying to help her hide better by getting her feet inside, but she got mad at me.  As soon as I got out the camera to get a picture, she posed & smiled.

She's really gotten into pretend play.  She likes to cook for all her stuffed animals and give them food.  Her favorite thing to do is push Ace around the house in either this stroller or a little wagon she has.  She moves him back and forth between the two and will push him around the house for 20 minutes at a time. She also usually always has her purse on her shoulder.

She is painfully shy.  Especially around other children.  She can be happy as a lark just walking along beside Jon or me, but if we walk into a room or building with other kids, she immediately buries her face in our legs and tries to climb up us while crying & screaming, "up, up, up."  My goal was to work on this this summer.  Our sweet summer nanny, Kalee, has taken her to the library for story time almost weekly.  Just last week she finally got enough confidence to go up to the reader & get her scarf for a song all by herself!  What an accomplishment!  At gymnastics this past week she also went and sat on the mat approximately 10 feet away from me with all the other kids while the teacher called roll.  It made me so happy.  We are making progress!

She loves to sing and make the hand motions to songs.  If I ever start singing them, I have to sing every one I know before we can stop.  This is "itsy bitsy spider" where the "sun dries up all the rain."

She absolutely LOVES Tulip!  She gets so excited to see her every morning.  When we get home from being out somewhere and Tulip greets us at the door, Adeline squeals with excitement.  They then spend the next 10 minutes chasing each other around the house with Adeline belly-laughing.  Adeline wants to "walk" Tulip around the block every night and will get so upset if we take the leash from her.  She would also prefer to feed Tulip every bite of food from her dog bowl, but we try not to let her do that.  We want Tulip to have some alone-time..haha.  The funny thing is that Adeline doesn't call her "dog" or even try to say "Tulip."  When she's referring to our big dogs outside, they're just "dogs," but when she's talking about Tulip she makes a kissy noise.  It's the cutest thing.
This face cracks me up!

Adeline has also learned to "read" one of her books.  It's a book on baby sign language.  She sits down with it and "reads" every page by herself.  
 She's panting like a dog (that's the sign for dog).
She's signing "it hurts."

She loves the water.  Whether it's in a pool, the dog's water bowl, the sprinkler, or the bathtub, she's going to do her best to be in it splashing around.  Miss Kalee took her to the Springdale Aquatic Center a couple times this summer.  I'm so thankful because it's just too hot for me!

She got her face painted for the first time this week.  The library was having an end of summer carnival.  I hated to miss her first face painting, but Kalee was sweet enough to send me a picture.  She had this heart on one side, and a yellow blob on the other.  I'm assuming she wouldn't sit very still.  

She has one friend she is never afraid of, no matter how long it's been since we've seen him.  She loves her Westin.  We were over there yesterday and Shannon was trying to put him down for a nap, and Adeline had a meltdown because she didn't want Westin to go night-night.

She is talking all the time.  Last night she put a whole sentence together, it might even be considered two sentences.  She said, "Shoes on, go bye bye."  It was so sweet and I was so glad that Jon and I were both there to hear it.  

We try not to watch a lot of TV around here, but we use it when just one of us is home and we have to take a shower or something, and we watch it in the car on long trips.  We have two Sesame Street videos that she loves.  She's now started recognized Elmo and shouts, "Melmo!" every time she sees him.  What have we created?  haha

We recently got switched cable providers and now have more channels.  We've started turning on Sprout, Disney, & Nick Jr for her occasionally.  If she doesn't like what's on, she repeats "uh oh, uh oh" louder & louder until we change the channel.

This morning Jon was outside mowing.  We've been keeping all our blinds & curtains shut because of the heat.  The only one we open is the blind on the back door.  She was watching Jon mow and as he moved to another part of the yard where she couldn't see him, she kept saying, "Where'd he go?"

She helped me bake some cupcakes this afternoon.  I handed her the little cupcake papers and she placed them in the holes on the pan one by one.  It almost made me cry!

She is growing up so fast, but she is still our little girl.  


  1. Cilla has a terrible temper too and it drives me bonkers!!! I don't know what to do about it! Adeline is turning into such a big little girl. I can't believe it!

  2. My son has had a terrible temper lately as well, and he is 21 months. I am told by everyone it is a phase, but I am finding it too be a hard one for me. I think I was naive to think it would be easy to have a perfectly behaved child at all times. Ha!

    She is so cute and going to be a great big sister!