Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Girly Girl

Adeline is such a girl and I really don't feel like I've done much to make her be this way.  I do, however, think it's adorable!

Every morning, as soon as I change her diaper, we go to my bathroom where her orange juice is waiting and I fix her hair.  I do it first thing so that she doesn't get breakfast all in it.  Plus, she hates for it to be in her face and constantly pushes it back if it isn't fixed.  So I sit her on the countertop while I fix her hair and she's started really enjoying this.  When I'm done, she always turns around, looks at herself in the mirror and says, "Oooh, hair."  It's probably because I always tell her how pretty she is afterwards, but it's just so cute to me when she does this.

Also, she gets so excited when I tell her I want to take a picture of her.  She runs to her designated picture-taking spot and poses.  This is such a relief from the days of when taking pictures were a fight.

I always wear the same stud earrings, but I've noticed lately that one of the diamonds is a bit loose.  So today I decided I better take them out until I get it fixed.  I put some other studs in today before work.  I had my hair down when I left for work.  When she got up from her nap I went and got her and brought her into the kitchen.  Almost immediately she pointed to my "new" earrings and said, "ear."  I seriously doubt a little boy would notice that.  :)

After she had her snack today, I put her regular clothes back on and pulled her hair back in a little ponytail.  When I put her back down on the floor in her room, she ran over to where her bows were hanging & said, "hair, bow."  We weren't going anywhere, but I couldn't say no to a request to accessorize.  

It just amazes me how such a small child can so quickly develop such a little personality and preferences.  She never ceases to entertain me.  I wonder if Annabel will be our little tomboy or if she'll be just as girly as her big sister.....

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