Saturday, July 2, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Our little girl is a Swim Ranch graduate!
Until next year, anyway.  :)

Adeline had her very first swimming lessons this week.  Mrs. Virginia was our teacher and we just loved her!  Adeline did great, but we really didn't have any doubts because she's always loved water.  The only time she cried the whole week was when we had to practice getting in & out of the pool because she thought she was having to get out and stay out.

What she learned:
  • How to kick across the pool with us holding a hand under her chest.
  • How to blow bubbles in the water.
  • How to jump off the side into our arms.
  • How to climb in/out of the side of the pool.
  • How to float on her back with our hand under her.
Mrs. Virginia told us several times that Adeline was one of the strongest kickers in the class.  We are so proud!

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