Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Pictures

I have a few pictures I haven't posted so I wanted to go ahead and do that before I got behind.
 This one is from last Monday.  We got some stickers in the mail and Adeline decided Ace needed them.
 This is from last Tuesday evening.  I asked Jon to send me a picture and he sends this with something along the lines of, "Do we always look this tired?"
 Kalee sent me this on Wednesday before they went to the library.
 This is from Wednesday evening after Adeline finished a bowl of watermelon.  It was so delicious, she just had to drink the juice!

 These are from Friday morning.  I wanted some pictures of the cute outfit my MIL made.
 I had to run some errands in Fayetteville on Friday, so I thought I'd let Adeline get some enjoyment out of it too.  We stopped by the library, worked a few puzzles, and read a few books.  Nice, free, air-conditioned fun!
This is from Sunday morning before church.  My little blue-eyed beauty!

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