Monday, July 18, 2011

30 Weeks & a Bunco Baby Shower

I'm 30 weeks pregnant today!  I remember when I hit this point with Adeline I was so excited because it seemed like I was almost there.  I'm just as excited this time around!

Size of baby: Annabel is the size of a head of cabbage (16 in long & a little over 3 lbs)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 17lbs
Maternity Clothes:  Not only am I in maternity clothes, I'm in the BIG maternity clothes.  The shirts that just hang on you because the fitted maternity shirts that were so cute when you were barely starting to show are extremely uncomfortable now.  :)
Gender:   Sweet baby girl
Movement: She is moving a lot.  I feel her all over.  Saturday night she kicked me right in the sternum.
Sleep: I'm not sleeping well.  My nose gets all stopped up when I lie down and my hips hurt and I have to go to the bathroom every hour or so.
What I miss: Being cold.  I never feel cold anymore.  The first summer we lived in NWA I was so excited because we had ONE week in August that the temps got close to 100.  Now, of course, the summer I'm pregnant, we're having a record-breaking heat wave.  My doctor wrote me a note that says I can't participate in Water Week at work anymore because she doesn't want me outside for anything.
Cravings: For this first time this pregnancy, I'm craving the same thing at this point that I was with Adeline....CHOCOLATE!  I want chocolate desserts or candy all the time.
Symptoms: All the wonderful things I'm experiencing right now are not really fit for the internet.  I can't complain though, because this pregnancy has been just as easy as the first so far and I'm just happy to be growing my little girl.
Best Moment this week: I can now say the countdown is in the single digits!  We'll be scheduling our c-section on or slightly before 39 weeks so Annabel will be here before we know it!

I also had my monthly bunco group tonight, but instead of playing bunco, we had a spa party & a baby shower for Annabel and another sweet baby girl due to arrive next month.
 The hostess had these cute & delicious petit fours made with both our girls' monograms on them.  I didn't get a picture of Sarah Reese's, though.
This is me with all the sweet gifts.

It was so nice to have a girl's night and get pampered and showered with gifts!  Annabel is such a blessed little girl.

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