Friday, September 2, 2011

Tiny Love

This past week was Tiny's turn to keep Adeline.  Once again, we all enjoyed it thoroughly!
 Tiny says it's hard to get a picture of Adeline anymore, so she gets them when she's trapped.  :)
Sweet Snuggles

Adeline started her new gymnastics schedule this week since she now has KDO on Mondays.  Tiny got to take her and she said she did great!

They also made more cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip this time).  Yummy!

They did more eating...

And visited the library...

Jon and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary yesterday.  Time has flown by.  Looking back at pictures on our wedding day, we look so young.  Kids age you, I guess.  We wouldn't have it any other way, though.  We are more in love and grow closer every day.  I'm so blessed to be his wife!  Tiny babysat last night so we could go out on a date.

As much as we LOVE our little girl, it was nice to enjoy a dinner where we could eat slowly, talk about grown-up things, and only worry about feeding ourselves..hah!  Thanks, Tiny!

The day I've been waiting for all summer has arrived...  It's the first day of TCU football!  Adeline is wearing her purple in support of the Frogs.

I have been looking forward to tonight ever since last week when I found out the game is going to be on ESPN.  We are getting Papa Murphy's, plopping on our couch, and hopefully watching the Frogs kick some Baylor Bear booty!

On another note, I have to record this little story.  Adeline and I took Tulip to the groomer today.  When we walked out, it dawned on Adeline that we had left Tulip there and it just broke her heart.  She started bawling and screaming and making her kissy noise for Tulip.  It was absolutely awful.  It just about made me cry too.  She cried and begged, "please, please, please" for about 3 blocks before I finally convinced her we would be going to get her back later.  I sure hope nothing happens to that dog for a long time!

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