Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Week

The past week and weekend have been quite busy at the Richey house, but still no baby Annabel.  My mom had her last week of babysitting before I took off on maternity leave.

Tuesday they played and went to gymnastics...

 And mom decided she needed a leotard.  :)
And they cooked dinner.

Wednesday they met Westin & his Gran at Boingo Bounce...

 And ate at Chick-Fil-A
 And Nana decided she needed a long-sleeved leotard for Winter.

Thursday they stayed home and played and had a play date with Anita, Brendan, & his new baby sister, Emily...

Mom said Adeline was enthralled with Emily, but had a FIT when Nana tried to hold her.  Uh oh!!

Friday, Adeline and I took it easy.  That evening we saw Adeline & Nana on the local news for going to Boingo Bounce 2 weeks ago!

That night, Adeline went to FNO at our church and Jon and I had a little date night.  We went out to eat then to Target.  We bought this little box and filled it with fun toys and snacks for Adeline to have at the hospital.  I want her to feel special, too!

Saturday morning Jon and Adeline went on a bike ride while I took a leisurely shower.

That evening we went to the Harrises for a Razorback watch party.  We didn't watch much of the game, but we all had a great time!

When we pulled up at their house, Adeline yelled, "Ya Ya!"  That's what she calls Cilla.  :)

A few cute things about Adeline lately:
She has started wanting to sleep with more & more stuffed animals.  She now sleeps with Ace, an elephant my cousin got her at the zoo, a kitty cat, and...

Last night she went to bed, and about 30 minutes later she was still awake.  Then she started whining, which she NEVER does, so I went in to check on her.  She tearfully said, "Melmo."  She wanted to sleep with Elmo too..hah!  So, we got Elmo and Daddy rocked her a bit more, and she was ready for bed.  

The other morning she woke up, picked up Ace, and said, "Hold you, go get Momma."  Then she stood up and started whining for me.  So cute!

She now knows the colors blue, yellow, purple, & green.  

She thinks Annabel is in her belly, too.  When we ask where Annabel is she'll either pat my belly or hers, whichever is more convenient.  

When we cough or sneeze she says, "bless you" and pats our backs.

I'm sure there's more, but naptime is over.  I'm so glad to be home all week with my big girl!

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