Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

It has been such an enjoyable holiday weekend.  Normally on a long weekend we would have probably traveled home to visit family, but since Annabel is due to arrive any day we had to stay put.  It's always nice to spend a long weekend at home.

Friday we took Tulip to the groomer as I already told you.  Adeline was so excited when we picked her up and brought her home.  She loved on her for a long time.

That night the Davises came over for some Papa Murphy's.  We cooked pizza, played, and watched TCU.  Although my Frogs lost, I still love them.  We've got a new team.  I know the season will get better.

Saturday we lounged around the house then went to a birthday party for Jon's boss' little girl.  It was pretty hot outside and I think I got a little overheated.  I started having very regular and intense braxton hicks when we got home and all through dinner.  Shane and Juliet happened to be staying the night with us that night, so after we got Adeline put to bed, Jon and I went to the hospital just to make sure I wasn't dilating.  They gave me IV fluids and monitored my contractions for about an hour, but my cervix never changed, so they sent us home.  I played hooky from church the next morning and napped while Jon and  Adeline went to church.   By that afternoon I was feeling much better.  It might have had something to do with the fact that a cool front had come in and it was feeling marvelous outside.  When Adeline got up from her nap, we all went to the park.

Adeline thinks she's too big for the baby swings now, but doesn't understand why we won't push her high.

Jon and Adeline did a little weeding when we got home.  I had to get a picture of this because I think it's so cute when Adeline tries to do exactly what we do.

Today we woke up to 58 degree weather and we just had to take advantage.  We went on a hike around Wilson Lake in Fayetteville.  It was gorgeous and felt amazing.

Adeline lined up all her babies for snack time after nap.

Adeline and I both napped this afternoon while Jon washed the cars.  Now Nana is in town for her week!  Yay!!

This is from last Monday.  She doesn't quite understand yet that not everything in the house is hers.  I also forgot to update on how it went at KDO.  Adeline did great!  She went to the teachers without crying and was playing with the other kids when I picked her up.  She napped for about 30 minutes and the teachers said she probably would have slept longer if others hadn't woken her up.  It took her about 45 minutes to fall asleep, but she just laid on her nap mat nice and quietly until she did.  I was shocked!  I hope it goes as well next week!

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