Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh Dear!

I'm not sure what has happened to my perfect sleeper, but she's gone.  Since eight weeks old she has slept through the night and napped very well.  Since then she has always been able to soothe herself to sleep.  Something has happened this week.  Praise Jesus she's still sleeping well at night, but she is REFUSING to nap!  Wednesday she screamed for about 20 minutes before I went to get her.  Thursday, she fell asleep for about 10 minutes, but woke herself up from coughing.  I decided to take her to the doctor at this point.  She'd had a runny nose for a while, and with the cough getting worse I wanted to make sure she didn't have something right before Annabel gets here.  He said only allergies, but prescribed some meds anyway just in case.  Friday she started crying hysterically within 10 minutes of me leaving the room.  I decided to let her cry it out because I thought I had just spoiled her from the two previous days.  She cried for an HOUR!  At that point I just got her out of bed as if naptime was over.  Saturday I had the bright idea to leave and have Jon put her down for a nap.  She cried for an hour again.  Today I thought I'd sit in there with her and pat her back as long as she'd lie there and not cry.  It worked for about 20 minutes until she started wanting to play and talk to me.  So then I got books and took them to her crib and told her it was quiet time and she could read and play with her stuffed animals until her music went off then Mommy would come get her and quiet time would be over.  She's screaming hysterically again.  What am I going to do?!?  I NEED for her to rest, or at least play in her crib quietly for an hour.  Any suggestions?  I know this too shall pass, but I am stressed to the max.  I have no answers or ideas.

On another note, I have a few pictures to share from the past few days.

We took her prescription to be filled on Thursday, then went to play and eat ice cream at CFA while we waited for our meds.  She almost had the whole place to herself.

Friday morning she was watching me put on make-up and just had to have some for herself.  Don't worry, this brush has no actual mascara on it.  :)

Side note, she then went to Boingo Bounce and had a play date with Westin, so she was sufficiently worn out, but still refused the nap!

After she got up from her hour long cry-fest she was completely covered in snot & tears so I gave her bath.  Then we got a package in the mail from Aunt Ashley!  She loves Annabel's Super Frog and promises to take care of him until Annabel is old enough to play with him.  :)  

Yesterday it rained off and on all day.  Jon worked out in the garage some and Adeline enjoyed pushing around her lawn mower when we had a bit of a break in the rain.

Yesterday afternoon we all went to see The Lion King in 3D!  I thought it'd be a fun family outing to do as a special treat while we're still a family of three.  It was a bit of a struggle, but we made it through the whole movie.  Adeline ate almost a half of a medium bag of popcorn!  

We go in to the hospital tomorrow to have Annabel!  We are so excited and are so looking forward to having two sweet little girls.  

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