Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Annabel Update

Today has been much better.  We spent the night going up to the NICU every 4 hours to feed Annabel.  I got very little sleep in between because of nurses, etc checking on me.  At Annabel's 8:00 feeding we were able to talk with the neonatologist.  He informed us they would be turning down Annabel's flow to 1 liter and watching how she did with that until 3pm, at which point they would remove it altogether if she was doing well.  He also told us he was going to disconnect her from the IV drip because he didn't feel that she really needed it and he wanted her to be hungry to breastfeed.  He told me he wanted me up there no less than every 3 hours to nurse her.  I decided I'd try every 2 to try and get my milk to come in.  By 3:00 she was doing great and they completely took her off any flow.  She has been breathing normal room air since and has maintained good stats on everything.  Praise Jesus!
Her sweet face without any tubes.

She had her first poopy diaper today which is great!  She is also a lot more hungry since this afternoon.  Tonight she nursed pretty constantly from about 6-7:30.  I know she's not getting anything that whole time, but she sure is doing a good job triggering my milk to come in.  After that marathon nurse session, she passed out.  She slept in mine & my mom's arms for another hour and a half before we left.  In the meantime, the nurse took all her vitals and she never woke up.
Since she's not hooked up to anything but monitors, we got to dress her in her own clothes!

Tonight I plan to go up to the NICU every 4 hours to nurse her unless the nurse calls to tell me she's fussy and hungry, then I'll go sooner.  Jon spent the evening with Adeline and my dad.  He needed some time away and some time with his big girl.  Now he's back and we're about to go up to the NICU for another feeding before we start the 4 hour night shifts.

They are still telling us we should be able to go home tomorrow no earlier than 3pm.  These are the things that need to happen in order for us to be able to do that:

  1. Her oxygen levels, respiration rate, and heart rate all need to say within normal limits (like they have all day today).
  2. She will have another echocardiogram, chest x-ray, & EKG tomorrow.  Those all need to be normal (or as good as they were yesterday).
  3. She needs to continue to nurse well and urinate.
Please pray for these things.

We have an appointment set up with the specialist in Little Rock on October 13.  Please also keep that in your prayers.  We want this SVT issue to not really be a big concern or worry.  That's what we're hoping to hear in Little Rock.

We are so thankful for all your thoughts, emails, and prayers.  God is listening!  He loves us and He loves Annabel.  The doctor keeps telling us she is healthy and we are so grateful and give all the glory to God!


  1. Hello! I know you don't know me but I wanted you to know I'm praying for you and your precious baby girl! I was on Katie's Keepers today and the title of your last post along with the picture of your newborn baby caught my eye. I, too, have two little girls(4yrs and 10wks) and can only imagine how scary this must be for you! I had to check for an update before going to bed and am thrilled to read of Annabel's progress!! I pray God will continue to touch her so she can go home with you tomorrow!

    God bless!

  2. Praise God for a good report! Will continue to pray!