Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pre-Baby Maternity Leave

So I decided to take maternity leave a week before my scheduled c-section.  Work was getting extremely difficult and I wanted/needed a week with Adeline to devote lots of love and attention before her world is turned upside down.  I also thought I'd get a some rest in for myself.  I thought wrong.  Adeline has been soooo clingy.  It's like she knows Annabel is coming and is trying to soak up every last ounce of my attention before she gets here.  I don't blame her, but it is wearing me out!  Monday she went to Kid's Day Out at church and that's the only day I've been able to relax.  I went and got a facial with a gift card Jon got me for Mother's Day.  It was so nice!

When I picked Adeline up from KDO, they told me she hadn't napped.  I decided I'd try to get her to sleep when we got home.  It was a no-go so I let her get in our bed & watch Elmo for a little bit.
Big mistake, because she's not wanted to nap the rest of the week!  Tuesday she did fine, but yesterday was AWFUL!  She screamed, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, hold you, please!" for 10-15 minutes before I caved.  When I went to get her I took her into our room to rock her and when she calmed down I asked if she was ready to go back to her bed.  That started the hysterical crying all over again.  I asked her what she wanted and she said, "rock" so I told her I'd rock her but she had to close her eyes.  I thought to myself that was wishful thinking on my part, telling a 22 month old to close their eyes, but it worked!  She was asleep in no time, but after 30 minutes I tried to stand up with her and she was wide awake.  Now she's in bed standing up, sitting down, rolling around, but at least she's not screaming.  I'm really hoping she falls asleep soon.  Why is my perfect sleeper doing this right before a new baby comes?  I'm going to be in for it next week!

Speaking of sleep, on Tuesday when Adeline did nap, I tried to catch a few Zzzs myself.  As soon as I closed my eyes, I hear all kinds of commotion coming from the house next door that lasted about an hour.  That evening, I did some snooping.  First of all, the FOR SALE sign now says SOLD and this is what was being installed during my nap time:
A weirdly placed chain-link fence!  Looks like a dog run to me.  Oh no!  Not more noisy dogs!!

And speaking of dogs, at least someone around here has been enjoying some lazy time...

Yesterday we had no plans other than my weekly doctor appointment, at which I found that I've made no progress.  Anyway, Adeline and I did a little shopping at Barnes & Noble afterwards and I treated myself to a yummy pumpkin spiced latte (one of my favorite things about fall).  Since I've been home this week, Adeline has not let me out of her sight.  She had gotten pretty good about playing by herself for about 30 minutes at a time, but not this week.  If I'm not right beside her, she comes and grabs my hand and says in the sweetest voice, "mere" or "mon" as in come here or come on.  Then she pulls me in to the playroom.  She then pats the floor & says, "sit, sit."  We had fun having a tea party yesterday.  Little girls are such a delight!

Then we got out some of the more difficult puzzles she got for her birthday last year and I made a small obstacle course.  She amazed me at how well she did.  I would tell her at the beginning that I wanted a sheep or whatever animal, then she would slide down the slide, crawl through the tunnel, get the puzzle piece and bring it back to the puzzle!  I would say she remembered correctly about 70% of the time.  
She makes me so proud!

Now comes the "Keeping it Real" part of my post.  Please do not call DHS on me.  Since she wouldn't nap yesterday, I decided to get some grocery shopping done before Jon got home.  I do not ever strap her in to the cart.  The straps are usually too big and I don't feel like messing with them.  Plus I'm usually always right in front of her.  So enough excuses, I'm a bad mom, I know.  Anyway, we were in the baby section looking at the newborn Halloween costumes.  I was having a hard time deciding what size to get, so I called my mom.  In the meantime, Adeline proceeds to stand up.  I tell her to sit on her bottom, she tries, but misses and falls flat on her back into the cart part of the buggy!  It was absolutely terrifying!  I throw my phone down so my mom is probably freaking out too because she can hear Adeline screaming and I'm not saying anything.  Then a worker comes running over to ask if she's bleeding.  Finally after I assess the damages and realize it's just a bruise and Adeline calms down, we continue our shopping.  However, Adeline refuses to get back in the cart and my 38.5 week pregnant self can NOT carry a toddler and push a buggy throughout wal-mart, so I'm THAT mom with THAT kid that's running down the aisles almost colliding with every innocent shopper she meets.  I'll be strapping her in from now on.  

Then, today, she's climbing in to the little stool thing we have at our kitchen island (that was made specially for kids to be able to stand at the kitchen counter and see what's going on) and she bumped her back on the part that's designed to keep her from falling out.  
The little bruise at the top is from the shopping cart incident, the knot is from the kitchen stool.
Now the knot is just a bruise and she's acting just fine.

See?  She's alive and well and I promise I'm not a neglectful, abusive mom.

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  1. You are not alone! I am surprised that the authorities have not taken Cilla after some of the stories I have posted on my blog!!! Accidents happen all mommies! Sweet Adeline! She is enjoying her last few days being her mommy's only girl.