Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The First Week

Well we have survived our first week with our new baby girl.  Her birth and hospital stay were extremely stressful and emotional, but since we've been home we've just been enjoying every minute.

Thursday 9/22
Shannon and Westin came to visit, but we didn't get any pictures.  When Adeline got up from her nap, I got some snuggle time in with both my girls.
 That night I got some bright-eyed pictures of my little Annabel.

Friday 9/23
Annabel had her initial weight/color check at the pediatrician.  She was down to 7lb 11oz, she had lost 6oz in the hospital, but the doctor wasn't worried since she had gone almost a whole day without me being able to nurse her.  She assured me that Annabel is going to be a normal, healthy little girl.  I spent the afternoon snuggled on the couch with my new love.
 That evening my dad came in town and we took Annabel on her first walk around the block.

 Adeline got very upset when she saw baby sis in her stroller.
 But she was over it soon when she got to push her baby in her stroller with Daddy.
 Our family of 4..
 A few bedtime stretches.  :)
Sleeping beauty...

Saturday 9/24
My aunt & uncle Jana & Barry came in town to meet Annabel and celebrate my birthday.  I turned the big 28!  Shane and Juliet came over for dinner, but I managed to not get any pictures of the celebration.  

Sunday 9/25
We just spent the day lounging and relaxing.
 My heart might explode from all the love I have in it for these three people...
 Bright eyes.

Monday 9/26
Annabel is one week old!  We took Adeline to KDO, then my mom and I ran a few errands.  I spent the whole rest of the day nursing Annabel about every 1.5 hours!  I think she hit her 10 day growth spurt early.  I was exhausted when bedtime rolled around.
We love you, our little sweetheart.  We can't imagine our lives without you!

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