Monday, October 3, 2011

Annabel's Second Week

Annabel started off her 2nd week with a changing of the grandmas.  Tiny stayed with us Tuesday-Sunday last week.  
Tuesday, September 27
We just lounged around the house..

Wednesday, September 28

Adeline and Tiny went to the library while Annabel and I relaxed at home.

Adeline is fascinated with her baby sister.  If Annabel makes even the slightest noise, Adeline stops whatever she's doing, gasps, looks very concerned and says, "Oh, don't cry, baby sis!"  

 My friend Katie from work also came to visit us that evening, but I didn't get any pics of her.

 My big girl being a cutie before dinner...

Thursday, September 29
I woke up to see Adeline had gathered all her "babies in her arms.  So sweet!
It was a beautiful morning, so we all headed to the park after breakfast.

Adeline and Tiny did some sidewalk art that afternoon while Shannon came to visit for a bit.
Adeline is constantly messing with Annabel, but she's so sweet.  She wants to be kissing her or piling toys on her every second.  I can't take my eyes off them for a minute, but I love that she loves her so much!
That evening, Aunt Kiersten and Uncle Emil came to visit from Dallas.
Annabel was pretty fussy by the time bedtime rolled around.  My sweet multi-tasking hubby kept her happy long enough for me to get ready for bed.

Friday, September 30
We didn't do much during the day, that I can remember.  Just some playing and relaxing.
That night we tried to go eat at PF Chang's, but the wait was 25 minutes for a table.  We decided to just place a to-go order instead and we ate it outside at the promenade.  It was such a beautiful evening and much better than waiting that long with a toddler and a newborn.

Saturday, October 1
Adeline and I finally took the plunge and got some Razorback shirts.  I guess after 3.5 years of living here it was time..
Uncle Shane & Aunt Juliet had a baby shower for little Murry on Saturday.  I sent Jon in my place because it was right during Adeline's nap and I didn't think it was a good idea to have Annabel around that many people yet.  Isn't the afghan that Jon's mom made beautiful?
Big T came in town for the shower and to see his little Annabel, too.

We grilled steaks and ate dinner outside at Shane & Juliet's that evening.  Once again, it was a perfect evening for outdoor dining.  Annabel was pretty fussy during dinner so I put her in the carseat next to me so I could rock her while I ate.  Well, Adeline took it upon herself to do the rocking.  It just melted my heart to see her being such a good big sister!
That evening I packed Adeline's bags to go stay with her grandparents for 4 nights for the first time ever!  The longest I've ever been away from her was for 2 nights in June when I went to a continuing education course.  I bawled my eyes out the whole time I packed.  I called my mom and she told me I didn't have to send her because she didn't want me to be miserable all week, but I knew I needed to.  It's good for all of us and I know Adeline is having a great time.

Sunday, October 2
Adeline likes to play with the q-tips while I fix her hair in the mornings.  
Jon and I both cried when we loaded her in the car with Tiny & Big T.  Who am I kidding?  I wasn't just crying, it was more like an ugly sobbing.  I pulled it together eventually, though and Jon and I spent the rest of the morning cleaning the house from top to bottom.  Cleaning has always been a form of therapy for me, and either I've rubbed off on Jon or he was just being helpful, but we got the place spotless.

Annabel snoozed the whole time...

I got lots of picture texts from our parents throughout the day.  I think Adeline is having a great time.

After we finished cleaning, we plopped down on the couch and didn't move the rest of the afternoon/evening until it was time for bed.  That's one thing we couldn't do with Adeline here.

Monday, October 3
Annabel is 2 weeks old today!  I took her for her two-week weight check today, and boy is she growing!  She now weighs 8lb 13oz, that's 12oz up from her birth weight and 1lb 2oz up from the appointment just 10 days ago!  They also measured her at 21.5in long and head circumference of 14.75in.  Looks like we've got another good eater at the Richey house.  :)

Besides the doctor visit and driving through the bank, Annabel and I have just been napping and cuddling today.  I'm enjoying every minute, but I sure do miss my big girl!


  1. Love the picture of you and Adeline in the Razorback shirts;)

    Annabel is just a cutie pie!

  2. Tell Annabel I love her. Hope you're having a quiet week at home.