Monday, October 10, 2011


I'm so excited about giving my girls something I never had...a sister!  I have some extremely close friends, but I know the sibling relationship is different.  I can't wait to watch how it evolves.

Adeline loves her baby sister so much already.  Yesterday at lunch Annabel was crying, but I was trying to hurry and finish my meal before picking her up.  Adeline would have none of that.  She became very distraught and told me, "Momma, baby cry.  Go, go, go, go hold her, Momma!"

These are from Annabel's newborn pictures.  I just love them!

Do you think they look alike?
Adeline at 2 days old

Annabel at 4 days old

Adeline at 3 weeks old

Annabel at 2.5 weeks old

And I just love this little shirt.  Adeline has a matching one, but she wasn't wearing it when I took this picture.

I just pray my girls always love and look out for one another.  

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