Friday, October 28, 2011

Cuteness & OT

We haven't done much this week, but I got a few cute pictures I wanted to share.

I have declared Thursdays "no hair or make-up day" for me.  The last two Thursdays I have devoted to not leaving the house.  I still wanted to dress up my girls, though.  Aren't they cute in their matching outfits?  (Except Adeline wouldn't smile or get her fingers out of her nose/mouth.)

Adeline got some new books while she was at Nana's and they came with some tattoos.  I told her she had to wait until Daddy got home to put it on.  She wanted it on her stomach.  She's still a little confused as to why she can't pick it off and why it's still there today.  :)

Every time I put Annabel under her play gym, Adeline wants to join her.  It makes me a nervous wreck, but she's done well so far.  She has started telling her baby sister "no" when she kicks her.  She's not mean about it, but she does try to correct her..haha.

And, because you can take the OT out of her job, but you can't take the OT out of her, I have a couple "therapy" pictures to share.

Adeline and I did this fun fine motor/counting activity yesterday.  I just wrote numbers 1-5 on flash-cards and drew the corresponding number of dots under the number.  She then placed cheerios on the dots.  She loved it!

We've started tummy time with Annabel.  Look how well she's holding up her head!  She was doing even better than this, but I waited too long to snap a picture.

I'll try not to go into too much detail, but all babies are born with primitive reflexes that help them in the first year of life.  After that first year, these reflexes should be gone.  We treat a lot of kids whose reflexes are still intact, which makes life difficult for them.  Anyway, I snapped this picture of Annabel the other night to send to a co-worker because it is the perfect example of the ATNR.  It's perfectly normal for her to still have this.  I'll only worry if she still has it at age 2.  :)  When I texted this to my co-worker she responded with, "You're such a nerd."  Maybe I am...
(When her head turns to the left, her arms automatically do this.  The arms switch when the head turns to the right.)

I also want to record a few cute things Adeline has done lately that I don't want to forget.  

Like all kids these days, she's very technologically savvy.  She has a CD player in her playroom which she almost always can work completely on her own.  However, she hasn't quite grasped the difference between a CD and a DVD.  I find DVDs in the CD player and CDs in the DVD player all the time.  

Today when we got home from the grocery store she asked to watch "Mouse."  I told her to wait until I unloaded all the groceries.  She proceeded to get the remote and fine "Mouse" herself.

As we were leaving Wal-Mart today we walked past the bathrooms.  I have only taken her in there with me once about 4 months ago.  As we walked past today, she pointed and said, "potty, shoo-wee Momma."  

Every time Westin comes to visit he always goes straight to Rody.  It's his favorite toy here.  Today I told Adeline we were about to go visit Westin.  She ran to her playroom, grabbed Rody, started walking toward the door and said, "go!"  It made my heart happy that she's already so thoughtful and kind.  Of course, we took Rody with us.  :)

Her new favorite "toy" is an old syringe (a medicine doser, not needle) and empty medicine bottle.  She loves giving all her babies & Tulip "meh-mehs."  

She watches and remembers everything we do.  After sending my dad a picture of Adeline giving her babies "meh-mehs" he replied with, "Your daughter is so smart and wants to be just like you.  Isn't that the best feeling in the world?"  Yes it is, but my prayer is that we always teach her and show her good, positive, Godly things.  

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