Sunday, October 16, 2011


I feel like I'm way behind, but I guess I just better get used to that feeling.  It's hard enough to find time to shower, much less blog.  But it's the weekend, so that means Jon is home to help, so now I have time to catch-up a bit on here.

Wednesday we were all ready to get out of the house, so we invited ourselves over for a play date with Westin.  :)

Adeline really enjoys going to Westin's house and dragging out every single one of his toys.

Gran got some baby-holding time in.
My cute pig-tailed girl.

Thursday, Kalee came over to keep Adeline while Jon, Annabel, and I went to Little Rock.  Adeline really enjoys pretending to be a mommy.  I snapped this picture of her carrying her baby and strolling Ace down the hall when we got home.

Little Rock wore Annabel out...

Happy Daddy with two of his girls before bed...

Saturday we had two birthday parties to attend!  Adeline's social calendar is busier than mine.  I put my girls in their first matching outfits.  So cute!

Then we went to celebrate Noah turning 2!

Adeline had a fantastic time with all her friends and playing outside all morning.  She was filthy by the time we left!

That evening we attended another 2 year old birthday party for sweet Hannah at the park.  It was Halloween-themed and we were supposed to wear a costume or Halloween colors.  More matchy-matchy for my girls.  :)

Getting a good picture of both of them is going to be difficult.

Adeline and the birthday girl...

Today Annabel and I stayed home while Adeline and Jon went to church.

When they got home I told Jon to look at Annabel's shirt.  He read out loud, "Daddy's Little Pumpkin" then he said, "Aww, you sure are Daddy's little pumpkin" and kissed Annabel.  Adeline watched this whole exchange, looked down at her shirt, looked at me and said, "pumpkin" while trying to take off her shirt.  It was so sweet and sad all at the same time.  We couldn't find a shirt with a pumpkin on it, but we put on another Halloween shirt and Daddy fussed over it and Adeline too, so she was happy.  I just love my little family so much!

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