Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Heart... finally whole again!  Jon and Adeline went to East Texas for 5 days and I felt like 2/3rds of my heart was missing.  I cried nearly all day on Friday when they left.  Jon went camping/hunting with his family at Squirrel Camp while Adeline spent time with the grands.
 She got to color and go to a fall festival with Pappy & Nana.
Then she went to visit Daddy at Squirrel Camp with Tiny, Aunt Kiersten, and Uncle Emil.

On Saturday, Annabel and I met Aunt Juliet for lunch and some shopping.  Aunt Juliet put Annabel right to sleep during lunch and she slept nearly all afternoon.

That evening we went shopping and out to dinner with Shannon.  It was nice to get out of the house and my mind off being lonely.

On Sunday, Adeline wouldn't let Aunt Kiersten drop her off in the church nursery, so she spent Sunday School in my mom's class with the 3rd graders.

Annabel and I ventured out to my Sunday School class as well.  It was Annabel's first trip to church.  She did great.  She stayed awake through it all and got a little fussy, but we made it for the whole class.

We lounged around the house that afternoon.  I love sweet little baby hands..

Adeline being silly...

Monday, Annabel and I went to get my hair dyed and trimmed!  She stayed awake and fussed through it all, but I was still glad to get some pampering.

Monday night, Adeline went out to Squirrel Camp again with Tiny.  She got to see a snake!

Annabel didn't nap well all day and that evening was really sweaty.  I think I just had her too bundled up.  She's a much sweatier baby than Adeline.  I still don't think I've ever seen Adeline sweat.
I sent this picture to Jon because I was a little worried.  See the sweat beaded up on her face?  He said she's just a Richey.  :)

That night Annabel slept 7 hours straight!  I felt great on Tuesday and cleaned the whole house!  I think it was just a fluke, though, because last night was not so good.  

Tuesday, Jon and Adeline headed back home!

They stopped in Y City for a little exercise.

My mom had sent us all a Halloween package on Monday.  I saved it for Jon and Adeline to get home before we opened it.  Adeline was most excited about all the stickers.

She did this to herself.

Last night Adeline was exhausted, so we bathed her early.  Annabel hung out in the activity gym while Adeline was getting ready for bed.  Adeline got in a bit of playtime with her baby sis before going to bed.

I was so glad to have both my sweet girls all to myself this morning.  Aren't they cute in their matching Halloween jammies?
Adeline is saying "cheese" while trying to see around me to Mickey Mouse.

I snapped this pic for Aunt Amanda.  Isn't this outfit adorable?  Thanks, Amanda!

I'm so looking forward to this weekend.  We've got lots of fun Halloween activities planned.  Let's pray we all stay well so we can enjoy them all!

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  1. I have worn those exact dog stickers all over my Sunday church clothes...keeps my little boy quiet through the sermon and totally worth it!