Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentine Week

We weren't all quite back to 100% health, but nobody had a fever, so both girls went to school.  They didn't want to miss their Valentine parties.

Feeling a little better, but those darn canine teeth are still giving Annabel fits.  But you can teethe at home, or you can teethe while having fun.  So, we went to visit the nursing home to pass out Valentines with our friends.

Annabel & Caroline have become besties.

It is so funny trying to get a picture of this many small children...

All the fun wore Annabel out!  Adeline was saying, "Wake up, Sister!  We're home!"

That afternoon we went over to Shannon's for a fun little Valentine cookie decorating party.

The real deal!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Our friendly neighborhood grandma, Judy, came over to watch Annabel.  Not only did she give up her morning to play with my sweet girl, she came bearing Valentine gifts for both girls!  Isn't it amazing how God shows us love through the people in our lives?
Then I took Adeline to her dentist appointment.  She doesn't have any cavities, but she already has her first loose tooth!  The hygienist informed me this was perfectly normal.  It's the first baby tooth she got at 6 months old.  It's also just barely loose so hopefully it will still be a while before it falls out.  I am not ready for that!  She's still my baby!  I thought that was a big kid thing.  :)

Then we finger-painted Valentines for Daddy.

When Daddy got home it was time to exchange gifts!

And I finally got a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's.  I've wanted one every year, but don't ever think about it in time.  This was the year and they were so delicious!

And our Valentine "Adeline funny" after dinner....

A: (grabs her grocery cart) I'm going to the store!
Me: Ok.  Get me some chips and some milk, please.
A: Ok!  Chocolate?
Jon: No, just plain milk.
A:  Hey!  You stay out of this!

I hope your Valentine's Day was as full of love as mine was!

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