Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We've been living a low-key lifestyle the past week or so since returning from our big Houston trip.  Not much has happened, but of course I still have some pictures.

We had a rainy day last week and the girls were so excited to wear their new rain gear & splash in the puddles.

I cleaned out my closet one day and had some stuff on the floor.  Adeline found it and decided to play dress up.  She's holding a little calculator in her hand & she kept asking why it didn't have any letters on it.

Annabel has become just as attached to her "baby" as she calls it, as Adeline is to Ace.  However, I'm not sure it's going to last as long as Ace because she likes to chew on it!  It stinks because of all the slobber so I wash it about every other day.  I had to order a back-up already.

After each cardiologist visit (twice a year) they send us home with a heart monitor that Annabel has to wear for 24 hours just to make sure her medicine is doing its job.  Every time I dread it and expect it to be worse than the last time the older she gets.  I spend the whole day prior to putting it on her praying that it goes well.  God is so good!  I know she's making a sad face in this picture, but I think it's just coincidence because she never even seemed to notice it.  She would try to pull on it every now and then, but went right to sleep that night and slept great.  Praise Jesus!

However, it does seem that with today's technology, they should have much smaller monitors for kids to wear.  This thing is huge and bulky!  It truly is a miracle she doesn't notice it.

We went grocery shopping as a family Friday night and Jon and I decided that every little girls needs to know Shirley Temple so we bought this.  Adeline is a fan, except she calls her "Charlie" Temple.

Adeline's nightly routine just gets longer and longer.  Now we've added blow-drying her hair, saying goodnight to Tulip, and picking out a prize for staying in bed all night.  Which, by the way, has worked like a charm.  I bought some various dollar store toys and some candy.  I lay them all out on the dining table every night.  Right before we take her to bed she gets to choose which one she wants.  Then, if she stays in bed until her little toddler clock changes to the color yellow (which is 7am), then she gets her prize.  Totally worth the few dollars I've spent!

Since our fast, Jon and I have started waking up before the girls and studying our bibles every morning, even the weekend.  It's not always easy to make myself get out of bed, but I'm always so happy that I do.  I start my day off much happier, which leads to much happier kids.  I find myself looking forward to it when I go to bed every night.  Adeline caught us this Saturday, so we set her up with a puzzle while we finished our study/coffee.

Adeline has really gotten interested in coloring lately.  A few tricks of the OT trade I've learned are that, she's much more likely to actually thoroughly color a picture and stay in the lines if it's something she wants to color and if it's simple and BIG.  So I usually draw whatever she asks on a giant notepad for her.  Don't start being too impressed, though, because this is the most complex thing she's asked to color so far.  It's normally like a fish or a flower.  Another trick of the trade is that I break all her crayons in half.  Otherwise she won't hold it correctly.  It's really hard for my perfectionist, type A self to break a new crayon, but it has really improved her grasp.

Saturday night the Rausches asked us and the Lieuxs over for dinner. I'm so glad we've made these new friends.  It's great for Annabel to be with kids her age for a change, and I just love Ashley & Mollie.

Sunday was church day.  I hope you enjoy this next sequence of pictures as much as I do...

As I was finishing up getting ready, I asked Jon to snap some pictures.  He took Annabel's baby away in order to get a good shot of their matching dresses...

Oh yay!  Mommy's here to make me laugh!

I think I'm going to print this picture and frame it.  It makes my heart melt.  Can you see the love for her momma in those eyes?  Oh my goodness I hope she always looks at me like that.

And I'll leave you with another Adeline funny...

She finished eating last night and started to get down from the table.  I said, "Wait a minute.  You haven't been excused."  She said, "Well, I guess I don't know the rules!"  She keeps me laughing all day long.

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