Monday, January 28, 2013

January is FLYING by

Well, it's not really flying by, actually, but we did fly last week so I felt the title was appropriate.  We didn't do much out of the norm the first part of the week last week.

One night while Jon and I cooked dinner, the girls worked together on a little building project.  It was so cute!

On Thursday, we woke the girls at 6:30 and headed to the airport.  Jon helped us get checked in, but then he stayed behind while the girls and I took off to Houston.

The first flight to DFW was  a wrestling match because Annabel wanted down, which was not allowed.  Thankfully we found this play area while we waited for our next flight.

Then little Annabel passed out before we even took off and slept the whole 2nd flight to Houston.

My mom picked us up from the airport and we got to my great aunt Judy's house around lunch, and the girls got a little nap.  Afterwards we explored her neighborhood and played in her backyard.

My cousin Mike and his son, JT came over that evening.  We had to get a picture to send to Mike's brother, Dustin in California and tell him what fun he was missing out on.

JT will be five in May.  He and Adeline had such a fun time together.

Friday morning we went to the Children's museum in downtown Houston.  The girls really loved it.  I think we all had a great time.

That night my aunt and uncle and some cousins from my dad's side of the family came over for dinner. The next day we lounged around in our pjs for a while.

Then, after naps, we all headed to Lyla's 2nd birthday party at The Little Gym.

Since we were in south Texas, I had to have a tex-mex fix.  We all went out to dinner with Amber's family after the party.  Then on Sunday it was time to head back to NWA.

Poor Annabel had been up most of the night on Saturday with teething.  She slept all the way to the airport.  I knew that wasn't a good sign.

Then when she laid like this for 10 minutes before boarding, I knew we were in for it.

The first flight was like being in a cage fight.  I don't think she was trying to hurt me, but she was NOT happy.  She scratched, pinched, pulled hair, kicked, screamed, wiggled the entire hour.  I was exhausted!

The next flight was much better.  Annabel fell asleep before we even taxied away from the gate.  Adeline was excited because she got to have a Sprite and use her tray table.

We had such a great time visiting family, but were also very glad to be home.  We were all in bed by 8:15 last night.  I love traveling and adventure, but I always need a few days to catch up on sleep afterwards.

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