Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

Happy 2013!  It's been a cold, wet start to our year, but today the sun is finally shining.  We saw 2012 out like this....

 We left Texas the day after Christmas.  It was a beautiful winter wonderland.

It had snowed like crazy the day before from Fort Smith all the way through Texas.  We probably should have waited another day before we left, but Jon had to be back for work.  It took us SEVEN hours to get home.  It normally takes about 5.  We were at a complete stop for over an hour at one point because of a jack-knifed 18-wheeler.  Thankfully the girls were entertained by the DVD player the whole time.  I, however, was feeling miserable and blowing my nose every 30 seconds.

When we finally got home that evening, I started running a fever and having body aches.  I knew right then it was the flu.  I immediately took some tamiflu I had at home.  The next day Jon took us all to the doctor (I felt too bad to even drive) and I got more tamiflu.  When we got home, Jon had to get back to work and was going to be working 12-15 hours a day all through the weekend.  I could barely stand up.  I knew I needed my momma.  She is such an angel and got in the car and headed this way as soon as I asked her to.  On Friday, she took Adeline to a 3 hour camp at The Little Gym while I slept all day.

While Nana was here she dried Adeline's hair before bed every night.  I thought it was so pretty!

By Saturday I felt a lot better, so my mom went home on Sunday morning.  Monday,  I was working away at the computer and Adeline was in her playroom making all kinds of racket and singing happily. I knew she was up to no good.  I said, "Adeline Richey, are you  making a humongous mess?"  "Yes I am!" she replied.  Hah!  She had emptied EVERYTHING from her dollhouse and dress-up dresser into a big mountain on the floor.

Monday night we went to a NYE party at a couple's house from our small group.  They wanted us to bring our kids since it's so hard to find sitters on NYE.  We found a sitter for Annabel, anyway, because we knew she wouldn't last much past her normal bedtime.  The "big kids" had such a fun time together, though.

We stayed up and watched the ball drop in New York at 11, so then we all slept in the next morning.

Then Shane, Juliet, and Murry came over for a traditional New Years lunch of cabbage, black-eyed peas, and cornbread.

 That afternoon, Adeline and I went shopping with our new friend, Ashley.  Then we spent the evening with some more new friends Stephen & Mollie and their parents.

Annabel was being so talkative after bath last night.  She was repeating every word I was telling her to say.  It was so cute!  I think having a big sister has really increased her language development.  Adeline didn't have near this many words at Annabel's age.

Happy 2013, to you!  I hope it's full of blessings for all of us!

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