Monday, February 11, 2013

Parties & Sickies

Lots of our plans last week came to a screeching halt when Annabel woke up with a fever on Wednesday.  She still had the fever on Thursday, so we made a trip to the doctor in the rain.  He did nothing for her and pretty much just told us to let it run its course.  When she woke up with matted, gunky eyes on Friday and an even higher fever, we went to our favorite doctor whom we were unable to see the previous day.  She diagnosed her with a sinus infection & sent us home with a liquid z-pack.  She ran a fever Wednesday-Sunday morning, so spent a lot of time at home.

Adeline had the same runny nose, but no fever.  She was going a little stir crazy, so we let her jump on the furniture.  Maybe not the best parenting decision, but she needed some gross motor activities in a bad way.

Adeline was invited to two different birthday parties on Saturday.  The first was Hailey's princess ballerina party.  Adeline was in heaven.

This is her princess face...

Poor little Annabel still wasn't feeling well.  She and her daddy had a lot of fun together just hanging out at home.

The next party was Anniston's Elmo party at The Little of Adeline's favorite places.

On Sunday, everyone was still pretty puny, so we stayed home from church.  Adeline requested a "Valentine giraffe" to color.

And since we weren't going anywhere, I let her dress herself in her dress-up clothes.  This is what she chose.  Makes this Horned Frog momma so proud!

Our colds are all still lingering, but no fevers to report!  Hallelujah!  Hopefully this week we can resume our normal activities & have fun at all our Valentine's events.

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