Monday, February 25, 2013

Hodge Podge

Not a lot to report here, but I've got some pictures anyway.

My parents came up just to visit last weekend.  We had breakfast on Saturday at MiMi's.  The girls got lots of coloring done while we waited for our food.

That afternoon, the Rausches invited us to go with them to a Razorback basketball game.  It was so much fun!  I can't believe it took us five years of living here before we attended our first Razorback sporting event.  

Poor little Annabel is still trying to cut those canine teeth.  Only one has appeared so far and she is just miserable.  She tries to chew on just about anything, including the granite countertop.

We spent a lot of time at home last week because of a fussy, teething baby and bad weather.  It was nice, though.  It gave us lots of time together to play.  I had just washed the girls' lovies and they were so excited to get them fresh out of the dryer.

Annabel has started playing pretend with baby dolls.

This is what happens with a fussy, teething baby when I'm trying to cook dinner.  She would not go to Jon or allow me to let her feet touch the ground.

We had a garden tea party one day.

We pulled out the crib mattress for some gross motor fun this week.  It was way too cold to go outside and we had lots of energy to burn.

And we practiced some fine motor skills as well.

On Friday we'd had enough.  Adeline said, "Where are we going today?"  I told her we were going to the mall to play at Gymnastic Joe's.  She said, "Oh that will be so fun to go bye bye.  I'm tired of being in the house!"

Saturday, Cousin Murry came to play.

Ever since my Houston trip I've been dying for some delicious tortillas.  Those are few and far between up here, so Jon decided to make me some.

Sunday we finally had some beautiful weather, so we spent the afternoon outside.  Adeline said, "let's all sit down in this sunshine and rest a while."

Now we're in for some more winter weather this week.  I hope I can come up with some more indoor activities to keep us all sane.  :)

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