Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Like a Lion

March definitely came in like a lion for us.  Annabel began March with a some kind of fever virus.  She woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever and ran one for about 24 hours.  

When she woke up in the middle of the night crying we made the mistake of putting her in bed with us.  We've been regretting that decision ever since!  She has now refused to fall asleep in her bed for every single nap or bedtime unless we are there standing over her crib.  It is ridiculous!  We have been able to put her to bed, wide awake and let her soothe herself to sleep since she was 6 weeks old.  I don't get it.  Must be some kind of 18-month separation anxiety thing going on.  I'm hoping the habit is broken when she goes to spend a week with her grands next week.  One day I tried for over two hours to get her to go to sleep.  She screamed off and on that whole time.  I finally gave up and turned on the lights. She had not a single tear in her eyes.  This doesn't look like the face of a baby who's been crying for two hours.  She's playing me like a fool!

We finally felt better towards the end of that week, so got out to do some shopping.  I introduced Adeline to the kid's hot chocolate at Starbucks.  Maybe that wasn't my best parenting decision.

On Friday we met Mollie & Caroline at Boingo Bounce, but I didn't get any pictures because the girls were in constant motion the entire time.  That night Jon went to a men's conference at our church.  We had some friends over to play so us moms wouldn't have to spend our Friday night alone.  The girls think our coffee table is anything BUT a coffee table.

Jon's conference finished up Saturday morning and it was bitterly cold outside, so we didn't want to brave the weather.  Instead, we stayed indoors and had a fashion show of some of our spring/summer clothes for this year.  Isn't it obvious we're tired of the cold?  I usually never say that, but I'm so tired of being sick and stuck indoors!

That afternoon we went to Westin's fun birthday party at Party Time Ponies!

Since Annabel has been boycotting naps, I have to keep her locked in my bedroom with me so she doesn't wake up Adeline.  This day she sat by the door screaming "door!'

I drew some Easter eggs for the girls to color one day.  Adeline said, "this is cracked" but I thought she said, "this is crap."  I was offended by her criticism before I thought to myself, "Wait a minute! Where'd she learn that language?"  Thankfully, that's not what she said after all. 

Then, BAM!  The stomach bug of the century (let's hope it only happens once in our lifetime) hit us like a freight train.  Wednesday afternoon Adeline woke up from her nap complaining of her stomach hurting.  I just kind of blew it off, but I should have taken her more seriously when she refused to eat her snack.  Jon got home and I rushed him to get showered and out the door because we needed to be at church early so I could work on my craft project for my little Wednesday night Puggles kids.  The whole time he's saying, "Are you sure we should go if she says her stomach hurts?"  I'm all like, "She's fine!  She's not running fever.  Kids are just going to complain."  Talk about eating your words!  We made it halfway to church when I hear Adeline whining.  I turn around just in time to see her projectile vomit all over the place.  I can never un-see that.  Needless to say, Jon did a quick u-turn and back home we went, no Puggles for us.

Annabel pointed and screamed "Made a mess!" all the way home.

We made it home for clean-up and got her settled on the couch with her "owl puke bucket" as she called it.  Tulip knew something was up and sat right there with her.  What a sweet puppy!

It's been a blur of fighting over Mommy's lap, cleaning up sick, lots of baths, and someone else coming down with it every day since then.  

Whatever this is, sure is a bad one.  Not only did it knock us all on our backs for several days, but it's taken out nearly every one of our friends as well.  We are finally feeling better today, thank the good Lord!  I've never been so ready for spring in my life!

And speaking of Spring...  Arkansas spring break is coming up next week and we're shipping the girls to Texas.  Jon and I have a few projects to complete.  Here's a little sneak peek....

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