Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break 2013

What a productive Spring Break we had!  The girls left for Texas last Sunday morning with their Tiny & Big T.  Jon and I immediately started on Operation: Spring Clean.  I dumped out every single toy in the house and sprayed it with disinfectant and wiped them down with a wet rag.  Jon cleaned each foam floor tile with bleach and began assembling their new bunk beds.  We worked diligently all day, then that afternoon we rewarded ourselves with a trip to the movie theater to see Oz.  Afterwards we did a little shopping at a specialty grocery store and came home & watched TV and ate frozen pizza.  How relaxing!

On Monday, Jon went to work, and I enlisted a sweet high school girl we know to come help me clean all day.  We scrubbed every surface of the house from 9-4!  Thank you, Sarah, for your help!  That evening Jon and I went on a date to Table Mesa in Bentonville. 

Adeline spent the day with Tiny painting her nails and making pies.  Annabel was with Nana outside almost all day.  I was so glad the girls were in Texas soaking up some fresh air and sunshine because it was nasty and cold here.

On Tuesday, Jon took off work.  We went and had coffee when we woke up and leisurely passed away our morning.  Then we went to work on all the finishing touches of the girls' room.  We got it all exactly how we wanted it, then stayed home and grilled steaks and rented a movie that night.

The girls switched grandparents that day and got to spend some time together that morning with Nana.  That night Annabel was obviously not feeling well and was running a fever, so Jon's best friend who is a family doctor in our hometown, made a house-call and diagnosed her with strep throat.  My good high school friend filled her prescription at the pharmacy.  They both called and texted with information to make me feel like I was there.  I love small towns!

Wednesday, Jon was back to work and I spent the day running errands and treating myself.  I got a pedicure and shopped for myself an Easter dress.  What a luxury!  I also discovered a new little antique store dangerously close to my house.  I might have to put a limit on how many times I can stop there.  It is FULL of the cutest things!  All you local girls, check out Ann Marie's Farmhouse as soon as you get a chance.

Annabel was feeling better that day, so both grandmas, and my grandmother (MiMi) took the girls to do a little shopping and bouncing in Texarkana.

Adeline even got to go to Dairy Queen that night with my dad and my cousin Amanda while Nana was at church.  She was so excited about these no-drip things.  She educated me all about them when she got home and discovered that Nana & Happy had packed them in her bag to bring back with her.

On Thursday, I met the grandmas halfway and got my girls!  I was so happy to see them!  Now it's life back to normal until next week when we all travel to Texas for Easter.  I sure hope the weather is nice and warm.

We are so blessed to have such great grandparents in our lives.  This past week was a blessing to us all.

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