Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Girls' New Room

This is what Jon and I have been working on while the girls were with the grands in Texas.

We bought them bunk beds!  I know it seems crazy.  We haven't completely gotten rid of the crib yet.  We just moved it to the guest room.  I'm sure we'll still be putting Annabel in there for a while.

I was just so excited about these beds that I had to do it now!  I love how it has stairs rather than a ladder.  It seems much safer to me.  Each stair is also a drawer, packed full of the newly organized toys.  The top bunk also has a rail all the way around to protect from rolling out.  The bottom is a full and there's a trundle under that, so lots of room for future sleep-overs.
 I got the bedding at Target and my sweet MIL embroidered their names on the shams.  I love it!

My dad built this shelf and Jon painted it and put on the knobs.  I will use the knobs to hang up the clothes I set out for the next day, etc.  I'm so excited about this shelf.  The blank space on top will be for a big picture of both girls together.  Under that picture will be a doily from Jon's grandmother.  I also love that I now have a place to display the quilts my grandmother made for both girls.  The bottom one is Adeline's and the top is Annabel's.

I call this little corner the baby doll corner.  I can see them spending so much time here with their babies.  I love it!

Now I'm off to pick them up from their grandmothers.  I can't wait for them to see it!


  1. This looks so great!!!!!! I need you to do MY bedroom!!

  2. I love it! It turned out great!!

  3. So pretty! Is this bedding on the Target website? I would love to get this for my daughter's room but I'm not finding it.