Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eastery Fun

We don't just celebrate Easter on Sunday around here.  We like to extend the fun for at least a week in advance!

We've been trying to do some memory verses, and the one we've been working on lately is Mark 12: 30-31a- "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.  The second is: Love your neighbor as yourself."

I saw this cute idea on Pinterest (of course) and thought what better way to live out this verse and show my girls what it means?

We stuffed the eggs full of candy and printed a little picture book of the Easter story.  Then we snuck next door, rang the doorbell, and ran.  I think I heard our neighbor open her door as we were running.  Adeline didn't quite get what was going on and was laughing the whole way.  I'm sure my neighbor figured out who it was from.  I was hoping she wouldn't know who had just delivered a bunch of candy to her three small children.  :)

 On Monday, the girls had their Easter party at school.  I wasn't sure if Adeline would make it all day because of her toe, and I knew we for sure wouldn't be going to dance, but I at least wanted them to get to hunt eggs with their classmates.
I got a call to come get my sweet girl about an hour and a half after I dropped them off, but it was no big deal.  She'd at least gotten to hunt eggs and we got to meet Daddy for lunch.  It was good to get home anyway, because it was bitterly cold and snowing.  I wouldn't have wanted to run many errands in that.

On Tuesday we went to visit our elderly friends at the nursing home.  The girls decorated little foam crosses to hand out.

Easter kind of snuck up on me, so I didn't organize the visit very far in advance.  We had a small crowd this time, but the residents were still so happy to see us.

Although Shannon and I had bought these three shirts at the same time one day back in January (or maybe even earlier) we did not plan on all our girls to be matching.  It was a nice surprise!

This time, because of her toe, Adeline rode in the stroller while Annabel got to walk.  I think Annabel was beside herself with excitement.  Adeline has always been hesitant to walk up to the residents and hand them the goodies if I don't go with her and hold her hand.  Annabel had no qualms.  She ran up to everyone she saw to hand them a cross and was so upset when they were gone.

Today the Davises came over to play and dye eggs.  Westin is such a boy and was over it after the first egg.  Adeline, however, absolutely loved it.  I think we'll have to dye some more eggs this weekend.  She had the best time.

I'd bought a tie-dye kit, but we really only got around to "tie-dying" one of the eggs.

We leave for Texas this afternoon for more Easter festivities!  I'm so excited to see everyone.  I haven't been since Christmas!

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