Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We traveled to Texas to spend Easter with our families, and we had such a great time.

We spent Friday just visiting some family and friends.  We went to my grandma's for dinner and the girls played outside.  I thought this was funny because so many people think Texans still ride horses everywhere.  I posted this picture on social media with the caption "everyone in Texas rides horses."

When we got back to my parents' house, their neighbors heard us outside so they made the trek through the woods to visit.  I went to high school with their daughter who now lives in Dallas with her two daughters.  They're almost the same as ages as my girls.  We had fun visiting through the fence with them.  Oh, the country life!

All the big Easter festivities started on Saturday.  It stormed nearly all morning, but that was ok.  We had eggs to dye!

And candy to eat!

My girls are so loved!  We thank God every night for all the people in their lives that love them.  They got Easter goodies from so many people!  One of those special people being Ms. Kalee who used to be our favorite babysitter.  Then she had to graduate college and move away for a real career.  :)

Thankfully, by that afternoon, all the rain was gone and the sun came out.  Then all my family came out to my parents' house for a big Easter dinner and egg hunt.

I think this year was the best as far as hunting eggs goes.  My girls absolutely loved it!  They were running around snatching up eggs left and right and squealing with delight the whole time.  It was definitely an event I hope to store in my heart forever.

 No, I did not curl Adeline's hair.  That is just what the Texas humidity does to those Richey curls.

And they just thought hunting the eggs was fun....they were even more excited when they found out the eggs had CANDY in them!

Sunday they woke up to find what was in their Easter buckets from the Easter Bunny.

Then it was time for church, but not before a photo shoot first.

Easter was a big deal to me this year.  We started reading our Easter books as soon as we put away our Valentine ones.  It was really important to me that Adeline grasp the idea of what Easter really means.  And I think she did!  She can pretty much tell you the whole Easter story and even knows that Jesus died for all the bad things that we do, and that everyone does bad things, even Mommy & Daddy, but that's why we need Jesus.  Every now and then, though, she had some funny interpretations or some parts she left out.

Over breakfast one day with Tiny and Big T she said, "Jesus died on the cross for our sins.  Then the bad soldiers put a big rock on Him and He couldn't get up."  Then I said, "Then what happened?"  Adeline replied, "Nothing.  He was dead."  Oh dear!  You're missing the best part, my child!

One of her favorite things to play with my mom is pretend like she's putting Nana down for a nap.  She makes her lie down, then Adeline turns out the lights and sings to her, etc.  One time over the weekend she said, "Now, Nana, Jesus had to die on the cross, and you have to take a nap!"  Oh, so funny, yet so profound.

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