Monday, April 15, 2013

Mid-April Randomness

Here we are in the middle of a month I feel like we just started.  Well, really, I feel like we should still be in February or March!  Time goes by faster every year.

In true springtime fashion, we have a few sunny and warm days, followed by cold and rainy.  We try to take advantage of the warm sunshine as often as possible.  For the first time I've actually enjoyed getting out the bubbles.  Adeline is old enough where she blows all the bubbles now and Annabel is perfectly content to chase them.  Makes it nice for me!

Annabel has grown so attached this doll.  Adeline named her Molly and it's so cute to hear Annabel say it.  She goes everywhere with her.

I guess it's the OT in me that tries to find a use for every old container.  I filled this old creamer bottle with warm water and dropped some bathwater color tabs in and let the girls pour it into the tub with them.  They thought it was so much fun.

We have felt so overwhelmed with love through this whole toe incident.  Adeline got yet another little care package this week, this time from my cousin, Kelly.  Isn't it great how God uses people to bring blessings during storms?

As I was getting ready on Saturday Adeline decided she needed some make-up too.  My little girl dressed in her sweet little smocked outfit, but already trying to act grown up.  That's why I think it's so important to try to dress them like children while you still can!

Later that day, we helped Reagan celebrate her first birthday!  Isn't she a cutie?

She tasted bit of icing with her finger, then decided she liked that and dove right in!

The best picture I got of my girls together.  They were enjoying all of Reagan's new toys.

Shannon took pictures of all the families and I asked her to get one on my camera.  This is what we got.  It cracks me up!

And here I am later that evening being such a mom...driving around in my minivan with one of the above balloons hitting me in the head.  I count it all joy!

I think even when my kids are teenagers I'll try to sneak in their rooms to watch them sleep.

And just look at my sweet, big girl in a vintage dress my friend found at Goodwill!  She was all dressed and ready for school this morning and being so cooperative for pictures.  

And while Adeline may be out of the tantrum phase, Annabel is just beginning.  She threw multiple screaming, kicking fits before school this morning.  Lord, help us!

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  1. Sweet girls!! Now it would only be better if that dolls name was spelt with an "ie". =)))