Friday, April 26, 2013


It's been a while since I've caught up with all my pictures, so be prepared for lots of 'em.

I've started trying to push their naps back a little in hopes that they'd sleep longer and be happier in the evenings.  I'm not sure it's very effective.  I was trying to hold her off with some tv watching.

Adeline went on her first car date with the boy who lives behind us.  Up until this point they've just talked over the fence at one another from the tops of their play forts.  They took it to the next level with an outing for pretend ice cream last week.  He hasn't called...

Annabel took a tumble out of the little rocking chair right into the foot of the bunk bed the other day.  I watched it all happen in slow motion, but couldn't move fast enough to do anything about it.  The fall looked so terrible I was sure she was going to be a bloody mess and minus a tooth or two, but all she got was the goose egg and black eye.

I love this crazy bedhead.

We had a pj day full of fun fine motor activities.

She can't stand for her hair to be in her eyes.

The Bentonville CFA had a Princess Night this week complete with Miss Arkansas, Miss Teen Arkansas, a chocolate fountain, and balloon "animals" (a wand & a flower in our case).

 This girl is so happy most of the time.  She is starting to hit the "Terrible Twos" though.  She screams "Nooooo!" at me quite often these days.

I stopped putting her in the sleep sack this week because she's gotten too big for it.  I love that she sleeps with so many lovies and blankies.

Wednesday my MOPS group had a free babysitting morning, so we pampered ourselves.  So much fun!

Another pj day yesterday.  We read a bible story about Paul and decided to act it out with our toys.  There's Paul and his donkey traveling all over the world telling everyone he meets the Good News.  I know, it's quite hysterical, isn't it?  Adeline loved it, though.

My girls have an impeccable sense of style...

And Happy Spring to you!  My irises are starting to bloom!

 Whew!  That's it for now.  :)

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