Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Jon turned 31 yesterday.  I like to make a big deal out of birthdays, so we celebrated all weekend.

We started out by going on our first family trip to Branson.  We bought season passes to Silver Dollar City this year since Adeline LOVED the fair so much back in the fall.  We'd heard good things about SDC, so decided we'd try it out.  Friday afternoon we loaded up and got on the road with our sonic drinks and Elmo (among several others) DVDs.
That afternoon we did a bit of shopping at The Landing and ate some yummy Mexican food at Cantina Laredo. It's so nice that Branson is only an hour and a half from home.  We'll usually just go for the day, but we made it into an overnight trip this time since we were celebrating.  I found us a hotel with an indoor pool and we spent the whole evening swimming with the pool and hot tub all to ourselves!

The next morning we left the hotel and realized SDC wasn't quite open yet, so we stopped at Starbucks beforehand.  My favorite way to start the day!

Then it was time to ride the rides!  There weren't many that Annabel could ride, but she absolutely loved the ones she could ride.

Adeline even got to ride a few by herself.  What a big girl!

We all enjoyed the little train ride.
 We got home that night just in time to eat dinner, bathe, and put the girls to bed.  They were exhausted!  After they were in bed I prepped for Jon's birthday cake.  Then Jon and I had a little couch date and watched 007 Skyfall (his birthday, his pick).

Sunday was Jon's actual birthday.  We went to church and had our usual Sunday afternoon naps.  Adeline dictated what she wanted her card to say.  "Thank you for being my daddy.  I really much love you.  You are really nice and kind and you share.  Really I do love you."  So sweet!

Then she helped me make the rest of his cake.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!  We love you so much.  We are so blessed and thankful that God chose you for us!

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  1. Glad to know it really was Jon's Birthday on Sunday. Adeline had told me in the nursery it was her daddy's birthday today. But then a couple of minutes later she also said her birthday was a couple of days ago and I knew that wasn't true. So then I wasn't sure it really was even Jon's birthday. Have a great week