Monday, May 6, 2013

Goodbye, April

There goes another month!  We said goodbye to April last week.  This is how we closed out the month...

When the grandparents were here for the dance recital, Tiny & Big T wanted a picture of them with their granddaughters.  As you can see, Adeline was being so cooperative.  Notice the side pony?

Who doesn't love a sleeping baby picture?  Maybe one day when I'm old I'll have all my sleeping baby photos enlarged and framed all over my bedroom.  Wouldn't that be the best?

We had a few beautiful, warm, sunny days last week.  Perfect weather for shorts, sunglasses, & popsicles!

Another vintage find.  I'm loving this thrift shopping.  And, even more than that, I'm loving this silly little girl.

It's so nice that Tiny has a monogram machine.

This is how they spend the first hour after school every Monday.  Worn out!

I found some spray bottles in the dollar bin at Target.  This is how you water the yard when your mom is an OT.  She loved it!  We walked around the whole block spraying things.  It was completely empty when we got home.  We passed by a neighbor who was out spraying her weeds.  Adeline shouted, "Hey, look!  We have the same thing!"

This little baby thinks she's so big.  Breaks my heart!

Adeline has made a new friend at church on Wednesday nights.  Last week we invited her, her sisters, and her mom over for a play date.  Their names are Abigail, Audrey, and Alice.  Someone else likes "A"names, too!

April ended all nice and sunny, and May began all cold and snowy.  More on that to come, but I hope you're enjoying warmer weather than we are.