Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mid-May Catch-Up

We are getting ready to leave for vacation tomorrow, so I wanted to get all caught up on the blog before the daily vacation posts I hope to write.  Many pictures headed your way!

I've been helping with Puggles at church on Wednesday nights.  It's the toddler version of AWANAs.  Last week was our last week before summer so I let Annabel hang out with our class so she could go outside with us.  I think she thought she was as big as all the other kids in the class.

One day last week we went to the park and Adeline got sand in her hair.  I gave her a bath when we got home and put her down for her nap with wet hair.  I love these curls!

That night the girls made paper plate crabs while we cooked dinner in preparation for our trip to the beach.

Annabel got a little wild with the marker.

Adeline really relishes her role of Big Sister, but I'm thinking it won't be long until Annabel at least catches up in size.

I've been beginning my mornings this way since January.  It's an even more beautiful sight now that my flowers are blooming!

Friday night we ate dinner at Shane & Juliet's and enjoyed their new deck.  Adeline found lots of caterpillars.  I'm so glad she's not scared of bugs, yet.  I used to be the same way as a child, but somewhere along the way that changed.

Then Uncle Shane showed all the girls how to play the ukulele.

Saturday we went shopping for my Mother's Day gift.  I was in desperate need of some new sunglasses.  They go with everything I ever wear since all I wear is blue..hah!

Annabel woke up with the craziest bed-head I think I've ever seen on Sunday.  Still gorgeous, though.

She found this bath mitt that her Tiny made and she calls it an "uppet" and insists on sleeping with it and carrying it around the majority of the time.  Yesterday the girls found some bobby pins and pretended to "knit" them like Tiny does.  Precious!

Some Mother's Day outtakes.  The girl who made me a mommy while Annabel was refusing to be in the picture.
And this is what happened when I forced her to be in the picture.

We tried to go out for lunch that day, but the restaurant was so crowded we couldn't get in.  That night we met the Lieuxs at Grub's for dinner.  Adeline was playing with my phone and unbeknownst to me, taking pictures.

I love this series of pictures.  Watch as Annabel tries to do everything her big sister does.  So sweet!
1) What are you doing with your arms?
2) Is this right?
3) Ok, got it!
4) Oh gosh!  You changed again!

And again trying to be just like Big Sis.

I was at the computer the other day and Adeline said, "May I please sit in you lap?"  Be still, my heart! Don't ever stop asking me that, sweet girl!

Yesterday both girls woke up in the throes of drama.  Nothing was going how they wanted.  This was Annabel after every bite.  Screaming, tears, the works because her waffle bites kept falling off her fork. I just had to laugh.

The girls started gymnastics yesterday.  While I was chasing Annabel around in her "Mommy & Me" class Adeline was taking pictures of her stamps on her knees.

Annabel found a new place to perch last night.

And nothing's better than the excitement of a child.  This is her happy dance when she realized she only had two more loops on her paper chain before we go to the beach!

I told my friend last night that this is the first time I feel like she really gets something enough to be excited about it.  It must be something that hits at 3.5 years. She wasn't even this way at Christmas. Every day she tells EVERYBODY we see that she's going to the beach.  She wants to look at pictures from when we went to the beach two years ago, she looks at her swimsuits every day, and talks nonstop about it.  It's so much fun!

Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say it again: Rejoice!
Philippians 4:4

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