Monday, May 27, 2013

May 21 & 22 - Orange Beach 2013

On Tuesday we spent the day at the beach and swimming pools.  The condo had both an outdoor and indoor pool.  The outdoor pool was pretty frigid, so the girls wanted mostly to swim in the indoor pool. It felt like a bathtub so that was fine with me!

Jon was playing around with the camera settings Tuesday morning and got these sweet pictures of a sleepy-eyed Annabel.  Little Annabel did not much appreciate being away from her bed.  She woke up around 6am every morning, while at home she usually sleeps until after 8!

That night we got all dressed again and went to our favorite restaurant in Orange Beach.  Grazie Italian Seafood.  Yumm-O!

Nana trying to convince Adeline she had to get ready so we could go eat...

At Christmas my mom decided she wanted her cards for 2013 to have a picture of all of us on them.  So, we started planning our photos then.  We thought the beach would be the perfect place for them.  Here's a little sneak peek!

After the pictures, we literally broke the camera!  Our camera battery died and we couldn't find a replacement, so all the rest of the photos from the trip are from my phone.  :(

Another emergency story alert!!  As we were walking down to the beach to take the aforementioned photos, Annabel fell.  I was still inside changing, but mom said it was nothing out of the ordinary and it was in the grass.  We were able to get her to stop crying for some pictures, but as I put her down to let her walk she started crying hysterically for 30 minutes afterwards.  She would not move her right arm one inch and was in so much pain she wouldn't even hold her head up.  She was completely limp against me and wouldn't let anyone else hold her.  I thought maybe her elbow was out of socket and tried putting it back in place, but that only made her cry more.  Jon and I decided she needed x-rays.  We were sure it was broken.  She cried non-stop for the next hour as we waited and took x-rays, etc.  They decided it was only sprained, wrapped it in an ace bandage and sent us home.  As soon as it was wrapped, she stopped crying.  She and my mom slept on the foldout couch that night so Nana could keep a close eye on her.  The next morning she pulled the bandage off and never once acted like it hurt again!  My mom and I decided she had a miraculous healing from God, because there's no way the drama she exhibited the night before could have just been nothing.  Hah!

On Wednesday we headed to the outlet mall.  Good planning, too, because it was cloudy and sprinkled a little throughout the day.  We ate at Lambert's (home of the throwed roll) for lunch, then Happy & Daddy took the girls back to the condo for naps while my mom and I shopped until we dropped.
I found these dresses for $5 at Walmart and my sweet MIL monogrammed them.  Voila!  Instant boutique look!

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