Saturday, May 8, 2010

Half a year old!

Today Adeline is 6 months old! I can't believe how fast time has flown by.

I think she might be teething, so we had a really hard time getting a smile today.

What she's doing at 6 months:
  • Sitting up! This is such a relief to me. I've been so worried that she wasn't going to sit up on time, but today she can do it! The pediatrician told me at her 4 month appointment that she should be sitting up by 6 months. Well she hasn't been. She would only for a few seconds and mostly only when she would prop herself up with her hands. But today, it was like she thought, "Well the dr said I should sit up by today, so I guess I'll do it."
  • Sleeping 10-11 hours at night.
  • Taking two 1 1/2 hour naps a day. Sometimes she'll take a 2 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon.
  • Nursing 5 times a day.
  • Eating fruit or veggies twice a day.
  • Wearing size 2 diapers.
  • Wearing 6-9 months clothes.
  • Scooting all over the floor - INTENTIONALLY! She'll see something she wants and try to scoot towards it, but usually ends up scooting backwards.
  • Loves to look at books.
  • Playing with some toys with their intended purpose: shaking rattles, spinning her parrot on her exersaucer, pulling the string on her pull-toy to get it closer to her. (but mostly tries to put stuff in her mouth)
  • Loves being outside.
  • Loves dogs.
  • Staying with Ms. Shannon while Mommy works 3 times a week.
  • We think she's trying to get some teeth.
We love our precious girl so very very much!

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