Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot Stuff

This weekend has been HOT! I know, I know..all you people in Texas don't feel sorry for me. We have had a blast this weekend. Mine and Jon's moms came in town Friday evening. We were invited to a party right at Adeline's bedtime, so of course, our moms jumped at the chance to come in and keep her. As soon as they got here, we all headed to PF Chang's where we met Jarrod, Shane, and Juliet.

Then, Jon and I headed to our party. Katie threw Jason a surprise birthday party with lots of dessert.
We had a great time!

Saturday, we shopped a little at the Promenade, then Jon and I went to see Shrek Forever After while our moms watched Adeline. It was so nice to get to go on 2 dates in one weekend!

This morning, we went to church and Jon and I worked in the nursery. Jon always dresses Adeline on Sunday mornings because I'm usually running late. I set out her clothes for her the night before. Well, this morning, Jon put a bow in her hair all by himself! I didn't even have one sitting out.
In the nursery, we had 9 crying 6-10 month olds. It wore us out! We didn't even stay for our connection group we were so tired. That age is hard because none of them want to get left, so they all cry when their moms leave then that makes the others cry. Our own was so sleepy and fussy she wouldn't let us put her down without screaming. She fell asleep in the car before we ever got out of the church parking lot. This afternoon, Jon did a little gardening while Adeline and Tulip watched.

I took pictures and did some laundry. :) Then we decided it was warm enough to try out the little pool her Pappy & Nana got her. She was a bit apprehensive at first, but then she decided she loved it.

Then she decided she wanted to drink it.

All wet!

Tulip loved the water too.

We've had a great weekend, but are all worn out! Looking forward to a relaxing evening.

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