Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teething Torture!

This past week has been terrible! First of all, I was sick all last weekend and into the first part of the week. Then Jon got sick and left town for work Monday-Thursday. Then on Tuesday, Adeline woke up with a runny nose. I went to visit her at Shannon's on my lunch break and she was miserable. Shannon said she hadn't been able to put her down all morning, so I cancelled my afternoon kiddos and took my sick baby home. We battled the runny nose, sneezing, and coughing all week. Oh, and the fussiness..let me just tell you about the fussiness!
This is the face I saw nearly all week. My poor girl was not happy unless I was holding her. It wore me out! Then, yesterday morning I stuck my finger in her mouth and lo & behold, there was a tooth! It's just barely through the gums and you can hardly see it, but it's there. Today, the fussiness is a bit better, but she's still got lots of snot. I think the other one is trying to break through too. I also think she probably had the same cold Jon and I had on top of teething. At least I'm hoping so, anyway. If all this is only because of the tooth, then I don't know if I can handle a whole mouth full of teeth! :)

My teething arsenal (none of which I found to be very effective).

I think she liked the mesh teether the best. We put some frozen peaches in there, and that seemed to keep a smile on her face for a few minutes at a time.

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  1. My poor baby you tell her that her Auntie Am will be there soon to make her feel better!!!!