Monday, October 11, 2010

Pappy's 50th Birthday Weekend

My dad celebrated his 50th birthday this weekend. I wanted to throw a big party in our hometown, but my dad's not much of the partying type. He said he'd rather spend the weekend with us. It just so happened that TCU happened to be playing that weekend, so we made plans to celebrate in Ft. Worth!

Jon, Adeline, and I flew to DFW Friday evening. My parents picked us up and took us to my friends' Ashley & Peter's house. We decided staying in a house is much better for Adeline. She can sleep much better when we're not in the same room together. Saturday morning, we lazed around the house a little and Adeline had her very first piano lesson.
After Adeline's morning nap, my parents came over and we headed to the bookstore to pick up some TCU attire, then we headed to the tailgates. We spent the first hour or so at my college friends' tailgate, then we headed indoors to my great aunt & uncle's suite for some much needed air conditioning. This was much more suitable to Adeline. She was starting to get pretty hot and fussy. However, once we got to the suite and she was able to get down and crawl around, she had a blast!
The girls (Ashley, Brie, Ally, Adeline, and me)
Dancing with Mommy
Nana Time
Pretty Girl
Watching the game with Great Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Eddie
Fun fun!
By about halftime, all that fun had worn her out
With my Great Aunt Mary & Uncle Dick

We had such a great time! TCU beat Wyoming 45-0.

Sunday was my dad's actual birthday. We ate breakfast then spent the morning at Ft. Worth Zoo. Adeline enjoyed every minute!
Looking at the Gorillas
And the elephants with Pappy
Posing with the kangaroo statue
Nana & Pappy
Riding the carousel
And the Zoo Train
Back to the airport

We had such a great weekend, but it wore us out! Adeline missed her afternoon nap on Saturday and both naps on Sunday except for a few little cat naps. The flight home was not easy for Mommy and Daddy, but she did great considering.

Happy 50th Birthday, Pappy! Thank you for being the best Daddy to me and Pappy to Adeline. We love you so very much!

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  1. Glad you had such a good weekend in Fort Worth! GO TCU!