Monday, April 18, 2011

Lindsey's Wedding Weekend

So the big Parker/Madden Wedding Weekend Extravaganza began on Friday.  In honor of my big Texas weekend, Adeline & I started our day with a big Texas-sized/shaped waffle.

Then the bridal luncheon kicked off all the wedding festivities.  It was hosted by a dear friend of the Maddens. She really knows how to throw a good southern luncheon.  Everything was decorated to a T.  We dined outside on beautiful china with delicious chicken crepes, fresh fruit, & spice cake.  She did something with the cake I'd never seen before.  She had all these little ribbons hanging out of it, then before we cut it, all the bridesmaids got to pull a ribbon out.  At the end of each ribbon was a pretty little silver charm which held a meaning.  Mine was an anchor and it meant I would have a life of stability.  How neat!

The cake & beautiful centerpiece

The beautiful bride with all her bridesmaids

I got to the hotel in time to rescue my mom from a crying Adeline who did not want to take a nap.  I laid on the couch with her while she slept for about 45 minutes.  Then we headed to a local park so she could burn some energy, but all she really wanted to do was swing.  :)

On the way back to the hotel we spotted a Rosa's and I could not resist.  Rosa's is a little Texas treasure that I miss dearly.  It is a fast-food Mexican place that makes its own tortillas...delicious!

That night was the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner.  I was bad about taking pictures, but I did get a couple dark ones of the really cool rehearsal dinner site.  It was at a green house!  The front was like a normal nursery with tables filled with plants for shoppers, but the back was converted into a beautiful  little cafe with koi ponds & dramatic plant life.  I loved it!

I got to the hotel around midnight and shortly after Adeline began coughing uncontrollably.  I tried suctioning & salining her nose, but to no avail.  I ended up lying on the couch with her to keep her elevated until her Benadryl kicked in & she stopped coughing.  I got to sleep about 2:30.  Needless to say, I was exhausted on Saturday which was not good since that was THE BIG DAY!

I pulled it together with a Whataburger chicken strip dinner (yet another Texas treat) & a diet coke on my way to the hair appointment.  Mom and Adeline dined & played at Chick-Fil-A.

Adeline napped much better on Saturday which was a blessing since she was going to be up past bedtime that night.

Pictures started at 3:45, then finally, the big event we'd all been waiting for began!  The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful.  Not only in the scenery, but the content as well.  A girl with a magnificent voice sang two songs, and two men who'd been part of the bride & groom's lives since childhood gave marriage advice.  I'd never seen this done at a wedding and I LOVED it.  I'm going to remember this & suggest it for Adeline's wedding.  They did a remarkable job and I hope everyone there was listening attentively because what they said was perfect.

Then, and only then, it was time to PARTY!!  Adeline could hardly wait for the band to start playing.  I had to hold her back during the first dance and the father/daughter dance, then the dance floor was hers.

She even got to dance with the bride & her twin sister, Natalie (both my college roommates).

With my girl
The bride & groom very excited to finally be married!

Then it was time for Adeline and Nana to head to bed, but Mommy got to stay until the very end.  The cake was absolutely gorgeous AND delicious!

The tent was beautiful...

...but the company was the best part!

I had a fantastic, unforgettable time.  I'm so happy for my bestie Lindsey & her sweet husband Christian. I hope & pray they enjoy a long, happy, blessed life together.


  1. I am so glad I got to go. The wedding was beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed spending so much times with my girls. I only have one thing to add.....I did not ask to be rescued. Adeline only cried when I tried to lay her in the crib. She and I were both perfectly content with her sleeping in my arms ;)

  2. Lindsey,

    I love your blog!! What great coverage of the wedding weekend! It was so much fun seeing you and meeting Adeline. Have a wonderful week!


  3. It looks like a fun weekend and everything was so beautiful! I love the rehearsal dinner at the greenhouse! What a neat idea!!! AND I MISS ROSA'S TOO! It would be the best Mexican food in NWA!