Friday, April 29, 2011

Rain & Play Group

We've really gotten a lot of rain this week.  It started raining last Thursday afternoon and I think it rained every day until this Wednesday.  I think I heard that we got something like 12 inches during that time...maybe more in some places.

I'm so glad we celebrated Easter in Texas, where although it was hot, we got to hunt eggs outside!  It started raining (pouring) on us on our way home at about Ft. Smith.  If you look to the very far right of this photo you can sort of see the waterfall of rain that was gushing off the side of a mountain/cliff.  This was just one of many.

This was our radar Sunday night:

This was a message my phone sent me on Monday:
 A picture I stole from the news website:
 On my way home from work on Tuesday night:

We were all getting quite sick of the rain, but now the sun is shining and it's beautiful outside.  It has made my flowers so happy!

Today we had play group and I had to snap a few pictures of Adeline beforehand in her cute little outfit her Tiny made her.
I think it's just adorable!

Adeline tried to feed Westin his lunch, then she ate about half of it herself.

Ava & Adeline - the only girls today

Shannon had these cute little crafts for us to make today.  I'm so happy with how Adeline's turned out!

I hope tomorrow is as pretty as today, because yucky, cold, rainy weather is in our forecast for Sunday.  I'm not complaining too much though, because that means a good nap Sunday afternoon.  :)

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