Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Only Wednesday?

This has been a long, rough week, and it's only Wednesday!  As you know from the previous post, Adeline was sick all weekend.
This is what her eyes looked like Sunday night:

I re-schedule my doctor appointment & make one for Adeline instead.  The doctor quickly discovers an ear infection in her left ear, which, by the way, Adeline gave me no indication that she had.  She prescribes Augmentin & says it should clear up the snot & eye gunk as well.  She said the eye stuff is a symptom of the ear infection.  I get the prescription filled at the pharmacy next door & head home to feed her lunch.  On the way I call ol' Dr. Jarrod & ask him to please call me in a Z-Pack because I have the nasty snot & cough as well.  He immediately calls it in.  Jon, Adeline, & I have lunch.  After lunch, Adeline & I run to Wal-Mart for a few things & my meds.  It takes FOREVER to fill my Rx.  We finally leave an hour later & I rush to Rogers to pick up the bridesmaid dress I'm wearing in a wedding in Midland, TX THIS weekend.  Wouldn't you know my daughter gets her FIRST ear infection the week we're supposed to fly out of town for a wedding?  We rush back home to get Adeline down for her nap. I get an e-mail from our nanny telling me they are sick as well with gunky eyes & congestion so won't be coming over on Tuesday.  I spend the rest of the afternoon trying to arrange child care for Tuesday.  Tuesday night I get another e-mail from our nanny telling me her son was diagnosed with pink eye.  So then we start to worry that maybe that's what Adeline has too.  We call our family friend/optometrist & send him pictures of her eyes.  He diagnoses pink eye via text message.  He says Augmentin will not cure it.  He calls in a Rx for eye drops.  Jon rushes to pick it up in time for us to give her a dose before bed.  He accidentally gave our friend the wrong Wal-Mart # & ends up having to go clear across town to the right Wal-Mart for the drops.  He makes it home 30 minutes past bedtime, but we get the drops in her & put her to bed.  We shortly fall in to bed exhausted ourselves, but glad that she's all medicated & hoping for a better day on Tuesday.

The new nanny that will be taking over in July comes to our rescue to watch Adeline for the first half of the day.  Jon will take off the 2nd half.  I leave for work after giving Adeline her morning dose of Augmentin.  At 9:10 I check my phone to see: 
*New Nanny - missed call
*New Nanny - voicemail
*New Nanny - text message
*Jon Richey - text message
I didn't panic until I saw Jon Richey.  I thought she was maybe calling to ask where something was, but Jon never texts me at work unless it's really important.  I open my texts since I can't listen to my voicemail at the time.  
*New Nanny: Adeline vomited everything she ate.  Very listless now.  Do not have to come home just FYI.
My hear sinks.
*Jon Richey: A's throwing up.  I'm about to head home.
I quickly call Jon to get details.  He's on his way to the grocery store for pedialyte then heading home to relieve the poor new nanny of our puking baby.  I give him instructions on the BRAT (bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast) diet for lunch & tell him to keep me informed.  I get back to my 10 hour, very full schedule.  Finally at lunch I get to listen to my voicemail that the new nanny had left that morning.  "Adeline has just thrown up 4 more times & is now dry heaving.  The poor thing got some on your chair & I don't know where your cleaning stuff is.  I don't want you to worry, I just wanted you to know.  I've got everything under control."  I immediately started crying.  Adeline has never thrown up like that before and I just hated the first time she was that sick she was with a stranger.  I felt just awful, but I was glad she had called Jon after not being able to get me & that he had gone ahead & gone home.  

She did not throw up any the rest of the day & ate a lot of her BRAT lunch.  I should also mention that my current nanny had also informed me that morning that she wouldn't be able to come over on Wednesday either because she and her son were both still pretty sick.  I okayed it with my boss to go ahead & take Wednesday and Thursday off (I'm so thankful).  I got a hold of the nurse at Adeline's pediatrician's office & she suggested giving Adeline 1/2 a dose of Augmentin at dinner, wait 30 minutes then give the other 1/2.  So, that's what we did.  She had diarrhea running down her legs nearly all day.  She didn't puke, but she broke out in a rash all over.  We gave her Benadryl & put her to bed.  

She wakes up rash-free, so I decide to try the meds again.  I give her 1/2 dose then she has the WORST tantrum/melt-down ever.  She won't let me hold her.  She doesn't want anything I offer her.  She's crying, screaming, kicking, hitting, rolling on the floor.  I take her outside to put her in the swing, "ALL DONE! ALL DONE! ALL DONE!"  I hold her real tight & sing to her.  She eventually calms down & we go back inside.  I immediately call the doctor & get her an appointment for 11:00.  She recommends stopping the Augmentin immediately & trying to not give her anything but the eye drops.  She wrote me a Rx for a non-penicillin antibiotic that I will take with us this weekend if she starts to feel worse.  We pick up the Rx after waiting at the doctor's office for over an hour, then head to do some last minute shopping before we go out of town for the wedding.  

I'm exhausted.  I'm sick.  I'm pregnant.  My 17 month old baby is sick.  My husband is sick.  I feel terrible for my girl.  I'm worried about flying & going out of town with her this weekend.  I just want her well.  However, weeks like this is what makes a mom a mom.  I love being the one to cuddle her.  I love trying to find just the right food she'll feel like eating & can keep down.  I love comforting her when she feels bad.  I just love being Momma.  Although I love it when she's happy & well even more, this is when the true momma skills step up to bat.  Next week when everyone is feeling better & we're celebrating Jesus' sacrifice for us, I'll be one happy, blessed, thankful girl.  But this week, when we all feel terrible & we're stressed about traveling, I feel extremely happy, blessed, & thankful too.  

Please pray for our healing & safe travels.  I'm looking forward to seeing one of my besties marry her love!

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  1. Being a mom is the hardest yet greatest, most fulling thing you'll ever do.
    You are a wonderful mother to a wonderful daughter.
    I thank God for both of you (& Jon, too) every day.