Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sick Weekend

Adeline has had a snotty nose all week and I just attributed it to allergies.  I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday feeling terrible.  I thought it was just allergies too.  It wasn't until I went through a whole box of tissues on Friday & Adeline woke up with green crusty eyes on Saturday that I finally admitted maybe we had a cold.

However, we've still been able to have a little fun this weekend.
After Adeline got up from her nap on Friday & had her snack, we took her to FNO at our church.  It's a great ministry they have about twice a month.  They offer free childcare so parents can go out on a date!  Jon and I enjoyed some delicious Red Lobster & did a little shopping.

Saturday I woke up feeling horrible, but I had to go to work.  :(  Jon made my entire week by planning the meals & grocery shopping for me.  I'm still in awe & oh so very thankful.  He and Adeline also had some fun outdoor time.

I was home by the time she got up from her nap.  When we went to Ft. Worth back in October & stayed with our friends Ashley & Peter, Adeline found this frog in their bookcase.   She had a fit for it then & Ashley was more than willing to give it away.  Now I keep it on Adeline's bookcase & every time she sees it she yells "bit bit bit" until I realize she's trying to say "ribbit" & give it to her.

We went for a little drive that evening & came across some outdoor play equipment at a consignment store.  We'd been looking for something & this seemed perfect for what we wanted.  Adeline seems to really enjoy it.

She also really enjoys her swing, just like last Summer.

Today Adeline & I stayed home from church to try & get well.  We've just lazed around the house & in the backyard all day.  Adeline took a 4 hour nap & now we just plan to enjoy the rest of our evening.

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